Spreading the Gospel

That's a sound well known to the whole world. The telephone is a marvelous invention that has revolutionized communications. It allows people separated by great distances to talk to each other.

There is a great potential in this tool. But the church has failed to use it. Yes every church has a telephone, and some organizations even have phone banks.  But this is passive reaction. Why can't we be more pro-active? The only reason I can think of is lack of imagination, and timidity.

The Bible says that faith comes by hearing the word of God. (Romans 10:17)  And what a better way to hear it, than by using tapes. The Bible in cassettes usually costs more than the printed page; but the investment is well worth it.

I personally found that some of the passages in the Bible became more alive and clear after listening to them. There is a power and freshness in the spoken word, which is somehow lacking in the printed page. The Bible in cassettes is an excellent gift for the blind, and sight impaired.

This is one of the simplest ways to spread the gospel.  Yet tracts have been overlooked or disdained by many Christians.

Since most Christians (Over 90%) are afraid or ashamed to witness, they should at least consider tracts.  Tracts won't stutter, forget the message or blush.

Furthermore tracts are versatile.  They can be given in person, or mailed to friends.  Tracts can be left inside books, mailed with bill payments, left in the restaurant, the Laundromat, and just about anywhere.

He took the new Bible and tore it in pieces.  Was he a God-hating atheist?

No actually he loved God's word.  But he lived in the Soviet Union and that Bible was the only one available for his two hundredth member church. So he cut the Bible into many pieces so that the congregation could share the pieces. Today Bibles are more available in Russia, but are expensive.

"You need to get rid of all of your unsaved friends, they are a negative influence in your life" screamed the preacher on T.V.

Then he went on to rattle, about how great it is to be surrounded by people with the same values we have.  That living among people with our same values would make us more holy, and of course more prosperous.

Maybe Jesus was wrong.  After all he hanged around with a bunch of losers.  He was even called the friend of sinners and publicans. That kind of company was anything, but conductive to holiness.

Dear friends this time I want to speak and encourage that most neglected group of Christians, I am talking about the sowers of the gospel.

You, the ones who witness in your neighborhood, your job, and to your friends and relatives. 

Yes you the few, the humble, the soul winners.  You are the marines of God; you are the storm troopers of heaven.

You who bear the brunt of the devil's attack; because he wants to sidetrack you and stop you from spreading the gospel.

When it comes to work most Christians will work very hard for their bosses, and will willing go the extra mile. But when it comes to working for the greatest of bosses, better known as Jesus Christ, many suddenly become absentee employees.

They have this idea that the spiritual work for God should only be done on the Sabbath and the rest of the week is for other secular things. Most will not witness at all during the week, and they expect that somehow, on the Sabbath morning, many visitors will come to their church and be saved.

Computers are used in every area of human life; Churches use them for administration and finances.  But the computer can also be used to keep track and results of evangelistic activities.

Before 1976 computers were bulky and expensive, but thanks to the silicon chip; computers are so affordable, that soon every home in America will have one.

The Computer will make it possible for a single Christian to make a hundredth fold impact.

Evangelism is one of the most talked about, but least practiced of the Christian disciplines.

No, I am not exaggerating, the bitter truth is that the body of Christ, as a whole talks much about evangelism, but does little of it.  Recent statistics indicate that only 5 percent of Christians are actively engaged in evangelism.

Churches sponsor conference after conference on evangelism, and the Christian bookstores have hundredths of evangelistic titles.  It seems like we are trying to compensate for our lack of action with a deluge of words.

Why should we evangelize and witness to non-Christians. Are we trying to make people morally good, or to make them members of a social club?

These are not good reasons at all. There are plenty, who are morally good without being religious; and as to clubs or societies go, the Kiwanis make a better choice.

Maybe we should remember that Jesus main reason for coming was to seek and to save those which were lost, that was and is the reason of his life, death and resurrection, everything else is secondary.

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