Bowling leagues are fun. When I was a young man, I made many friends bowling, later I was able to tell them about Jesus Christ. But perhaps you don’t like bowling, well it doesn’t matter what sport you like. The point is to join a Sport and later when people become your friends tell them about Jesus the only one who won’t cheat in order to win their souls.


A wedding is a place where many friendships can be made. It can also broaden your family connections. This is an excellent place to practice friendship, and open the door for future evangelism to the people you meet. Remember that Jesus went to a wedding and performed a great miracle.

If this is a Family wedding, don’t just accept your new in-laws but go out of your way to become friends with them, after you become friends, you can share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.



Everybody eventually has some kind of sale, be it garage sale, yard sale, state sale or a lemonade stand. Why not give some Christian tracts and play some gospel music, whenever you have one of these sales. This is an informal way to reach those bargain hunters. Salvation is the best bargain ever not only is it invaluable but it is also free.


This day is a day of love and friendship what better way to demonstrate you friendship than to introduce your friends to Jesus Christ, what a great time to give a gift that really can change your spouse or that friend whom you really care about. wouldn't this be an opportunity to show what real Christian love is about?

I wouldn’t advice to give someone a Bible as a Valentine’s gift unless you believe it will be well received. Here is a hint, instead of giving candy or flowers how about a gospel music cassette, or a book that glorifies God. Just use your imagination.


This is a great way to reach children, and then their parents. Many kids have nothing to do in the summer. All you need is a couple of volunteers to scour the city, looking for bored looking teenagers. Most parents don’t know what to do with their children; wouldn’t it be better if they were in a safe environment learning about Jesus?

This is also a great place to firmly root in the faith your current members. Yes Summer Bible School is hard work for only a couple of months, but the rewards could be the eternal salvation of some kids.


I know that Christmas came from a pagan festival, I am aware that some Christians frown on this holiday, because of its pagan origin. And I do know that Jesus most certainly wasn’t born on this day. But I care more about lost souls than the origins of a holiday.

Christmas is a wonderful time where scriptures can actually be read in public, I think it can be greatly used to teach not only the Christmas story, but more than that.


Halloween is coming, this day is a day which many Christians consider the devil's holiday. But the reality is that no day belongs to the devil. Every day of the year belongs to God. Christians need to rise up and take away this day from Satan, he doesn’t deserve any day.


Just about every country has its national holidays, I think those special days are a great time to create friendships and invite friends over for a celebration. Or how about visiting your relatives on those days, and get a chance to tell them how God has done wonderful things in your life.

It might not be easy to come with a Christian approach for some holidays, but with a little imagination and creativity we can surely come up with something appropriate.



The hot days of summer are a good time to organize a beach outing. Invite all your neighbors, friends and co-workers. A long day at the beach will give you plenty of time to witness of Jesus Christ, or at least to build some friendship bridges.


How about having a church service out in the beach, Jesus preached by the seashore and even out of a boat. Who says the service always has to be held in a building, Jesus preached mostly outdoors.


Almost every nation has an independence day, what a great time to have a picnic or a special celebration. We can invite our neighbors, and other people, to have a good time with us. We can have banners proclaiming liberty to the captives.

This can be turned into an outdoor service, like the ones Jesus used to hold.  We then can tell them about how we got our independence from sin and Satan and got liberty in Jesus Christ. Or it can be used to build friendships for future witnessing


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