There are some misconceptions among some Christian brethren. They seem to think that you need to go to a Bible college, be real smart, or have lots of knowledge in order to do the work of God.  The truth is that sometimes these things are hindrances instead of helps.  God is not seeking ability, but availability.

For you see your calling, brethren how, that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble are called: (I Corinthians 1:26) Sometimes a wise and educated person becomes a Christian, but they seldom go into the field.  Somebody has to work in the field and since we are not about to get a truckload of PHDs, then it's obvious that the job is up to you and me.

It is a sad situation, that whenever there is a job opening in any company there is always plenty of applicants, except for Jesus Inc. Amazingly this company with the greatest employer in the world, and the best retirement benefits, has very few applicants.  Since most of the world's PHDs and MDs go elsewhere.  Here you can enter with little or no education.  Come and fill out an application, you might not be right for the position, but one never knows.

Yes I know that there are some Christian colleges that produce preachers. But it is sad that often it is those who are less qualified to go into the ministry; that end up in the theological universities. And to make matters even worse most of those theological schools are infected with humanistic ideas, textual criticism and many other human philosophies. Most of the preachers that come out from such theological schools are more like frenemies of Jesus than his representatives.

How does it happen that so many young people come out of those theological colleges with their faith destroyed? They have been heavily damaged by their curriculum and now they are mostly spreading doubt instead of faith. Instead of becoming great strong champions of faith, they are weaklings stumbling into the pulpits spouting human philosophies instead of the word of God. They are not fit to go into all the world and preach the gospel, because they not longer believe it is the power of God for salvation.

Do not worry about getting a diploma; that is just a piece of paper. Forget about preaching for a certain denomination. If you get prepared God himself will open the way for you, the apostles did not worry about such things as having a diploma, because they had the anointing of God. The only way to get prepared to go is to go into the Bible and study it with much prayer. You need to go with Christ and learn from him his word. Read and mediate on his word, believe his word and get it inside of you.

If a church won’t accept you, just go out there into the highways and byways and preach the gospel, let the streets be your pulpit. Forget about being a part of an organization or ministry God will help you create your own ministry.

I know there are many Christians that are ten times smarter or better than me, However God called me and I answered. I don't know his reasons for calling me, when there are more capable men than me.  God is calling some of you right now, will you answer him?  And if you hear the voice of the Lord, saying; who shall I send, and whom will go for us? then say here am I send me (Isaiah 6:8) for if you are not willing to go, I assure you, that he will find someone else who will.

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