Many items mentioned in the Bible are unavailable.  Neither can we go to the original places to see the events unfolding.  That is why we need some visual representation, to help us understand the Bible better. Some Christian bookstores sell excellent visual aids, and they are usually cheap to buy however many times you need a visual tailored to your own specific needs.  The following are some of the ways to make your own visual aids.


A collection: Many items mentioned in the Bible can still be found today.  Things like spices, flowers, musical instrument, etc.  Find items mentioned in a story and put them in small plastic bags, and then put them together in a shoebox or create a notebook.

Models: Some items can be made from plaster, clay, or some other material. You can try to make a biblical item or you can be creative and reproduce whole villages with twigs or toothpicks.

Diagrams: Are usually made for chronologies, relations, and comparisons. They are easy to make with a ruler and a blank piece of paper.  You might try copying formats found in Bible handbooks.

Drawings: Can be used to give an idea of what an object or situation looked liked. If you are no artist you might try coping the items you need from other drawings, using skin onion paper or carbon paper, and then combine them. When you finish with the final draft make a Xerox copy.

Maps: Help us to understand the flow of events and history of the land.  It also helps us to track some character life.  You can trace or scan a map or make a Xerox copy from an atlas.

Photo Pictures: Can give us more accurate information than any drawing or description could.  Take pictures of items mentioned in the Bible, this could make your Bible study more interesting.  These pictures can be kept in a special photo album.

Slides, Films strips, and Videos: There are few videos designed for personal Bible study, and their quality is usually poor.  However their number and quality are bound to increase in the coming years.  You could also make your own to teach others or to remind yourself of what you have learned. Making your own teaching video requires expensive equipment, but you might be able to borrow or rent a video camera.

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