There is no substitute for the plain word of God, but there are some tools that one can use in order to understand more clearly its precepts, stories and background.  When deciding on which biblical tool to buy, I would advise against buying from a vendor or an author advocating for a particular denomination, but instead get the tool offered to the general Christian community. The cost of these tools vary, you might save some money if you buy them used or discounted. Ask a retiring minister or the family of a minister who has passed away. The following items have been of great value to Bible students like myself.

Different types of Bibles

A digital Bible program (my favorite)

A parallel Bible (contains different translations)

A topical Bible (connected or arranged by topics)

An interlinear Bible (a Hebrew & Greek Bible with English beneath)

A chronological Bible (arranged by historical sequence)

A study Bible (Usually has many insights and extras aids added)

A bilingual Bible (if you understand another language)

A pictorial Bible (with pictures, drawings or photos)


These tools are free or almost free from sectarian doctrines or dogmas.

A complete concordance (It helps you to find every instance of a word in the Bible)

A Bible dictionary (It gives you the definition of a word in the Bible)

A Greek Lexicon (It explains the meaning & root of a word in the New Testament)

A Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicon (It explains the meaning & root of a word in the Old Testament)

 An atlas of the Bible (It provides a geographic view of biblical events)

A Biblical customs book (It helps to understand the cultures of biblical times)

A pictorial book (It shows you actual objects and settings of biblical lands)

Chronological Charts (It provides understanding of the duration of events)

Genealogy Charts (It helps to understand the relationships of people and nations)

Other biblical charts (Charts organize and clarify groupings)

A book of Biographies (it helps to understand the complete life of biblical characters)

A notebook (To write down your discoveries. Do not mark or write in Your Bible)

A Regular Dictionary & Thesaurus (It helps while writing notes to use the proper word)


**The following tools should only be used by advanced students for they often are written by writers in order to promote their doctrinal views and often are biased. Why am I so adamant about avoiding books that promote a particular denomination or theology? Because I want people to find out for themselves what the Bible teaches, not what some particular group or organization teaches.


A dictionary of Theology (Get one that is broad in its appeal to multiple denominations)

Commentary (Get one that is broad in its appeal to multiple denominations)

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