There is rest for your soul

Dear: Unbeliever

There is rest for your soul


Are you wearied with life? do all your problems weight you down?  Well there is a solution.  This solution will give you new strength and a new outlook in life.

And this solutions is not some drug or another new vitamin.  The weariness of life does not vanish with any material thing, for it is a spiritual problem.

Neither will you find the solution by running away from it all.  You can not escape life's hassles.  Wherever you go, there will your problems hunt you down.

The only way to find rest for your tired soul is by coming to Jesus Christ.  In him you will find comfort and strength.  He will lift from you the heavy sins that bring you down, and will replace them with joy.

Come to Jesus , and you will find the rest you are seeking for, there is no other way.


Your sincere friend

Evangelist, George Cardenas

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