When it comes to work most Christians will work very hard for their bosses, and will willing go the extra mile. But when it comes to working for the greatest of bosses, better known as Jesus Christ, many suddenly become absentee employees.

They have this idea that the spiritual work for God should only be done on the Sabbath and the rest of the week is for other secular things. Most will not witness at all during the week, and they expect that somehow, on the Sabbath morning, many visitors will come to their church and be saved.

Oh, how deceived are we. We expect to reap a harvest of souls, but the only time we make a feeble attempt at witnessing is around Easter or Christmas it at all. This has to stop, If we expect to reap a harvest of souls, then we must labor during the week.

Dear brethren, I do not want to be mean or harsh, but seriously consider this; have you ever heard of a company that would pay its employees for doing nothing? Then how can Christians beg and plead for God to bless them, when they have not lifted a finger to expand his kingdom?

All companies would get rid of a no show employee; but Jesus will forgive you, even if you been absent for years.  All you have to do is to repent of your past laziness and start working. The best part of working for Jesus is that when you get to heaven, he will tell you, welcome, enter into a joyful and eternal rest.

The rest of this message is not for you, the lazy good for nothing Christian, who only comes to church to sit in a pew. You are not invited to take any break, for you have not worked at all.

Dear fellow laborers, sometimes in our feverish activities in God's service we forget to rest.  Yes there is a world that needs to hear the Gospel and we should be doing all we can to reach them; but if we do not take a break along the way, we will not last long.

Taking time to rest is not a sign of laziness. The idea of rest is deeply imbedded in the scriptures.  God himself rested on the seventh day of creation. On the Sabbath day everyone, including slaves, foreigners, and even the farm animals were commanded to rest.

Work is good, but working every day is not. Working every single day is not a sign of an industrious person, but of a proud one. If God rested after working six days, who are we to keep on working beyond that?

I have noticed than when I don't take proper rest, I become a little more aggressive, and impatient; this affects not only me, but also the person I am witnessing to. I become ineffective and not focused when witnessing in a tired state.

I know you are zealous for God and that is good, but do not burn the candles at both ends for you will then become ineffective. Go to the park and enjoy the beauty that God has created, take a dip in the lake or the ocean and refresh your soul.

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