Here I am once again defending the indefensible. The way I see it, out of television comes almost nothing but filth, I rather read a good book than watch a soap opera, which will not give me anything edifying. So no I am not a defender of that cesspool called Hollywood. With that said I will simply say that many TV programs are evil but television itself is not evil when I say that, of course I am referring to the technology itself not to the uses that modern society has given to it.
The T.V. itself is just a bunch of wires held together by glass, plastic, and metal. The T.V. is a machine just like the radio, the telephone, the telegraph, and the computer. If it is a sin to own a T.V. then it is just as sinful to own a radio, a telephone or a computer for out of those devices filthy words, images and messages also come out. Because those devises can also be used for evil purposes do we simply prohibit them all? Not at all, for we can also use the radio, telephone or the computer to send messages of love and preach the gospel. So the machine and its technology is not evil in itself but how it is used.
There are some Christians who feel that is a sin to have a television, with them I disagree; it is not a sin to own that machine any more than it would be a sin to own a camera or a tape recorder, for they can basically perform the same functions as the TV. This attitude against any modern inventions is not a new thing. Some preachers denounced radio, cars, telephones, ties, and even electricity; of course you would not find any preacher doing that now.
If someone does not have a TV I applaud you for your decision and wish that more people would make the same decision as yours. Actually I would encourage other Christians to follow your example. However since TV is such a part of modern life, most people will simply ignore that good advice, so the next best thing is to learn about it and learn how to control it.
Despite the objections of some of my well meaning preacher brethren, I just have to say no, it is not a sin to have a TV. But having a TV can lead some into sin, if a person does not know how to control what he or she watches. I reckon that you are a responsible adult and not a child, so you do not need or have to have my permission or the permission of any preacher to have or not have a TV. It is up to you to make that decision.
But before you go out and buy the biggest set you can afford, let me ask you a few questions. Is it expedient for you to have one? Do you really need a TV? Could you really control it? or would you fall under its power? Would it edify you? How much time would you spend watching it? and most importantly of all, what would you watch?
The problem with TV is not the machine or the technology, the problem is the message. TV is a message medium that is used to send messages and ideas, and the majority of those ideas come from Hollywood a bastion of immorality.
Should a Christian have a television? I feel that currently there is so little of value in most channels, that living without T.V. is not a big loss. But one must decide for himself whether he should have one. For the scriptures say "All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient; All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. All things are lawful for me, but all things edify not." (I Corinthians 6:12, 10:23)
If you already have a TV the best advice I can give you is to throw it out, however if that seems a little extreme, then I would ask you to learn to control it. There are a few channels that show things that are not that bad, such things as the History channel, the discovery channel, the financial channel, the news channel, the cooking shows and the sports channels. However the vast majority of channels show basically filth.
We as Christian have to make good choices, and control what messages we willingly hear or see. We are not weak feeble minded people who are not able to change the channel or even turn off the TV if nothing informative or educational is being shown. There is such a thing as a TV Guide, which will tell you what shows are being shown. If you can not control what you watch, or turn off the TV, then you lack self-control and it would be better for you to get rid of your TV.
I heard of one Christian old lady who had the TV on a Christian channel only. She took the channel changer knob out so no one could change the TV from that channel, I also know of another young Christian lady who also only had the TV on a Christian channel, bible preaching all day long. Actually some modern sets allow you to block some channels from the TV.
The main problem with TV is that most of the channels are currently under the control of liberal Hollywood types who are in their majority indifferent or outright antagonistic to Christianity and Christian values. The major networks send a steady stream of bad messages and programming mostly in the form of steamy soap operas, movies, and secular sitcoms all in their attempts to get higher ratings.
There are few good shows on T.V. because the shows are mostly geared toward pleasing the carnally minded man. So before you see any secular programming remember not to set any wicked thing (or Show) before your eyes (Psalm 101:3)
This is mostly an issue of self-control and discipline, just because the T.V. is there does not mean it has to be continually on. No one is forced to watch bad shows. Of course there will always be people who lack discipline and self-control, so for those people the best option is to go without.
Some will say that since most of the programming on TV is bad, wouldn't a Christian be better off without TV, I would say that probably yes, but I having a TV is not a sin, anymore than having a radio, a book or a computer is sin. For you can also listen to raunchy or atheist programs, read sinful or pornographic books, or go to web pages that teach witchcraft or other evil messages.
Most of the Radio stations play sensual lustful songs, yet we don't get rid of radios, we change the radio station or turn it off. There are bad books, yet we don't destroy all books, we just don't buy the wrong kind. There are evil web sites, yet we don't destroy the Computer, we just don't go into bad web sites or even place content filters. Likewise with TV, we can change the channel, or turn it off. Living without a TV is an option that a Christian can chose, but this must be a voluntarily taken option, and can not be imposed upon others. For each person must be responsible for what he feeds his mind with.
Not everything in TV is bad. There are such neutral programming as the weather, the news, and world events; it also can be used to send us shows about nature, history, travel, cooking, sports, education, politics, and religious programming.
There are some religious shows on T.V. Some are average, while others teach heresy. We must practice spiritual discernment and realize that some of them are not scriptural sound.  This discernment applies whether the preacher is on TV or radio or a book.
One doesn't need to agree totally with another person in order to learn from them, I myself haven't met a minister who agreed theologically with me one hundredth percent, yet that doesn't stop me from listening and learning from that preacher. I know that I do not have to agree with some of the doctrines of some preachers in order to learn from them or enjoy their message. But I do have enough sense and understanding to know when some of their doctrines are way off the mark. So if a preacher is teaching outright heresy whether he is in person, on the radio or TV or on a book, we should quit listening to him. Yes you can change the radio or the TV channel and yes you can get up in the middle of a sermon and leave the church. Anyone attempting to stop you from leaving would be committing the crime of kidnapping which is illegal.
Another thing we can do is to write or call the networks on offensive programming. The Christian community is not a punching bag for the secular humanists types who control Hollywood. We can let them know that no, we Christians are not fair game. We will not be discriminated or ostracized. We do spend money and we can let the advertisers know that we will not buy products from those who advertise on shows that mock or attack Christianity. If enough of us do that as a group, the advertisers will force the show producers to change their tune or they will leave those shows.
Television in itself is just a communication device, but we have to be careful in how we use it, because evil communications corrupt good manners. (I Corinthians 15:33)
There was a time when Christians influenced what was shown on TV, but we basically abandoned TV to the heathen and now that is coming back to haunt us. TV will only get worse unless the tide is reverse. And if you think it is bad now wait till you see it a few years from now. We need Christians in mass to return to this entertainment medium and start making drastic changes.
I would go so far as to propose that Christians need to infiltrate this dominion and dominate it. Yes it is possible to dominate this medium and turn it around back to the times when families could watch a show and not be offended or their religion be made fun of. A comedy sitcom doesn't have to have sexual innuendo to be funny. An adventure doesn't have to have people killing or cussing in order to be exciting.
Yes Christians do have the imagination to produce good scripts; they can produce good drama, great educational shows and even science fiction or even cartoons. It is only prejudice and lack of experience that stops Christians from tackling these areas. Another thing that has stopped Christians from going into the medium of Television is the ministry. Ministers have basically discouraged good and talented Christians from going into the medium. Good and creative people need to be encouraged to enter this medium and transform it.
Another thing I have always wanted to say is that I have seen Christian television and basically I am disappointed in it. We need to take Christian TV beyond making it a pulpit for some TV preachers. The quality of Christian Television is really amateurish, with poorly written stories, with a few exceptions here and there. We need to start creating well written and well acted Christian comedies, dramas, adventure, science fiction and yes I would even say Christian soap operas. We need to develop into professional storytellers. I believe that Christians can write interesting gripping stories that are imbedded with Christian values, without being preachy.
The idea that Christian television only means a Preacher shouting from the pulpit must end. We need to show Christianity in a real world setting making a difference in people's life. We need to develop shows that depict Christian families struggling with the world and making a difference in it.  We need shows that show Christians in the workplace or in society making a difference.
Television can be turned from what it currently is; a medium that wastes time, numbs the senses and teaches immorality. To a medium that teaches good moral values, provides good education informs the public right and provides wholesome entertainment. But that can only be done if we decide to make the effort. Yes it can be done.

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