The Bible says that faith comes by hearing the word of God. (Romans 10:17)  And what a better way to hear it, than by using tapes. The Bible in cassettes usually costs more than the printed page; but the investment is well worth it.

I personally found that some of the passages in the Bible became more alive and clear after listening to them. There is a power and freshness in the spoken word, which is somehow lacking in the printed page. The Bible in cassettes is an excellent gift for the blind, and sight impaired.

In spite of living in the computer age, many people, still can't read or are functionally illiterate.  There is no love in shaming them for not reading the Bible.  Instead why not give them the Bible in cassettes.

The Bible in cassettes can be heard in many situations:  while traveling to work, when the lights need to be turned out, or when tired of reading.

But cassettes can be also used for other purposes.  What about sending the sermon to absent members, hospitalized brethren, confined senior citizens, or jailed Christians. A tape ministry is excellent for evangelistic outreach.  A taped testimony or a gospel presentation can bring a person to Christ. Why not give short evangelistic messages in tapes?

There are many possibilities with a tape ministry all that is needed is a little imagination. Why not reach out to that youngster with a boom-box by giving him some Christian music tapes?

Starting a tape ministry can be costly. The minimum requirements are a cassette duplication machine, a few boxes of tapes, and splicing equipment.

To have a good quality sound you need professional equipment, however this equipment can be rented or one can go to a recording studio and record there.

The tape duplication machine might seem like an expensive initial investment, but if used wisely it can repay for itself many times over. Don't buy the cheapest one in the market you need one that is going to last.

Tapes are cheap if bought in boxes of 500 or more. If tapes brake or go bad don't discard them. They can be fixed, or be cannibalized for their parts. This is where the splicing equipment comes in handy.

Other equipment nice to have, but not necessary is a labeler and a tape eraser. These will allow you to reuse a tape over and over again.

If circumstances or finances don't allow you to start a tape ministry, you can order evangelistic tapes from other organizations, and then distribute them.

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