The Genesis account of creation fell out of favor during the last few decades; insomuch that it became an embarrassment to many so called Christians. (Romans 1:20)
Many theories have been developed that reinterpret the Genesis account of creation, and have turned the six days of creation into periods of time. I am one of those who prefer the straight reading and believe they were actual days. I do not feel inclined to change the interpretation of Genesis to accommodate some modern theory of evolution, with its ever shifting models.
I may be in a minority but thanks to the work of some creationists groups, the Genesis account is again becoming accepted as a literal account of the creation week. (Genesis 1:31)
The Genesis story can be scientifically verifiable, unless one decides to hold on to some false assumptions of atheistic scientists. (I Timothy 6:20)
Thanks to Albert Einstein and other scientists, we now know that time is not fixated, but that it can be altered, now we know that there can be such a thing as “In the Beginning” for time itself has a beginning, prior to that there was no such thing as time.
Maybe the reason God calls himself the "I AM", is because as the creator of time he exists in a present time continuum. In other words God is outside of time (Exodus 3:14)
Since God is not bound by time it shouldn't surprise us, if he had builded the whole universe in a one day or even a micro-second (II Peter 3:8)
Many new theories have been proposed explaining how God could have created the universe in just six days; I really don’t need to understand the quantum mechanics of how it was done; only that it was done. Theories come and go but I simply trust in what God has told us, I do not need to rely on scientific corroboration?
Also current genetics and statistics are clearly showing that all humans descended from a single human pair. We can conclusively accept the fact that we all humans are related because we all came from Adam and Eve.
The Bible tells us that God can not lie? (Hebrews 6:18)
Although there are still many questions about creation, we can be confident that future research will give us the answer to many of them (Ecclesiastes 1:31)

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