From whence comes this prayer? It doesn't come from the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to pray this little prayer and presto you are a Christian. Rubbish I say. The sinner's prayer sounds more like a magical incantation than a Christian statement of faith.

How can I be against the sinner's prayer? Because it is a piece of fluff that leaves a person filled, but with no substance. It gives the illusion of reality but it is an empty vapor. It is a balm that heals not but worsens the disease. It doesn't make the sinner a son of God, but makes him twice the child of hell.

How can I say that? Because it becomes doubly hard to convince this type of Christian that they got it wrong. Yes, it is easier to convince a person without any religion about baptism in the name of Jesus than to convince those who have “accepted Jesus in their heart” because they feel they already have salvation.

How devilish is the devil, he gives people a prayer that is not even in the Bible, and then tells them that by praying that prayer they are now and forever saved. These sinners are then told that they do not need to do anything more that now they are saved by faith. It builds a wall that rejects anything else for salvation.

Jesus said he that believed and is baptized shall be saved. The sinner’s prayer is missing the baptism part. The sinner’s prayer is just half the message, it is an incomplete message.

How absurd is that? The Apostles never taught such foolishness. When people asked Peter what should they do to be saved? What did Peter answered. He said repent and be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38 He never whipped out the sinner's prayer.

When Phillip went to Samaria, it says that that people believe Phillip, and when they believed they demonstrated it by being baptized.

Neither did the Apostle Paul ever taught such idiocy; yes he told the phillipian jailer to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved, but later on that same night he commanded him and his whole household to be baptized. He told the disciples of John about Christ, and when they believe him, then they were baptized in his holy name.

You need to come to Jesus according to how the apostles preached it and not by saying some made up prayer. You are not born again until you die with Christ thru repentance; you are not cleansed by the blood of the lamb until you take his holy name in baptism. You are not sealed until you receive his Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38

You may look throughout the whole Bible and you will never find the sinner’s prayer. The sinner's prayer is just that, it leaves a person a sinner still. Ney it is much worse for it leaves him a deceived sinner that thinks he is now saved. He goes around life trusting his salvation on a non-biblical prayer, a deception of the worst kind.

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