Thanks to the latest medical breakthroughs, the emphasis on safety and other factors like the Post war baby boom, the population of the United States is getting older and older.

Currently the population over 65 runs at about 31 millions.

But this change is also filtering to the rest of the world, maybe not in such a dramatic proportion, as in the U. S. A. but it is happening. The image of the senior citizen as a senile person is slowly changing.  Many have jobs, and are actively involved in their communities.

The truth is that the majority of senior citizens are able to reason and comprehend well into their eighties.

Many of them suffer from physical illness, but it is usually their bodies, that are sick, not their minds.

Only a handful of senior citizens reside in retirement communities or convalescent houses.  The vast majority live on their own, or with their children.

However some seniors do live sequestered lives, this is due to rejection from a society which worships youth.  Society has rejected them and sees them as used up and useless.  Some evil people have even said that senior citizens have a duty to die, and make room for the young and the strong.

Many know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, but a great number have only formal religion. It is sad when a person has lived most of his life without Christ, but it is never too late to receive the Savior.

There are already some ministries helping the senior citizens; but most of them focus on giving comfort and hope. Few concentrate on evangelism.  But is there a better comfort and hope than knowing one is saved? I don't think so.

Some may say that senior citizens already had their chance to find God, that it is too late for them, But that it is not so. We should never give up trying to reach people, even if it's in the twilight of their lives.

Others would say that reaching seniors is not cost efficient, because it costs a lot of money to develop evangelistic ministries geared toward them.  But this is materialistic thinking.

Evangelizing seniors do present some difficulties, but there are no obstacles that love cannot overcome.

Many seniors only socialize with their own, which makes it hard to befriend them.  Others are set in their ways and any change to their lifestyle feels terrifying. Still others have seen or experienced so many bad things in life, that they have become bitter or cynical.

But in spite of all of this, we cannot neglect to reach them; for many of them will soon be departing, the question is where will they spend their eternity?

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