Some say that the Bible is a mysterious book, and that only they have the correct key to its interpretation.
Some use the Cabala, others Mary Baker Eddy, or Charles Taze Russell writings and still others use some kind of esoteric system.
However the correct way is to let scripture interpret scripture. This is not circular reasoning, but the sound principle that no doctrinal scripture is by itself.
God recorded genealogies and he also recorded many items that affected long ago cultures and empires.
Are we to assume that God would be so meticulous in recording things which have little bearing upon us, and at the same time be negligent in informing us of doctrines that affect our eternal destiny? (John 6:63)
Cultists don’t realize that all doctrines are built upon the principle of precept upon precept, line upon line. (Isaiah 28:13)
God desires for all men to be saved and he has made his word very simple that even a child can understand it.
It is only the willful rebellion and blindness of men that makes it complicated. (Matthew 11:25)
God reveals secrets
(Daniel 2:22)
The spirit searches all things
(I Corinthians 2:10)
His spirit guides into truth
(John 16:13)
Let us search the scriptures
(John 5:39)

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