That's a sound well known to the whole world. The telephone is a marvelous invention that has revolutionized communications. It allows people separated by great distances to talk to each other.

There is a great potential in this tool. But the church has failed to use it. Yes every church has a telephone, and some organizations even have phone banks.  But this is passive reaction. Why can't we be more pro-active? The only reason I can think of is lack of imagination, and timidity.

During my whole life I have fielded calls from salespeople, selling everything in between A and Z, yet I have never received a call from any church or religious group.

This might sound novel to you, but why are we not using the telephone to tell people about our Lord?

This is the perfect tool for those Christians who are sick homebound or for the homemakers.  The whole world is within their reach, only an arm's length away.

Some of you might be afraid to use the telephone, because you fear rejection or don't know how to go about it.

So what if you get rejected? Just shrug it off and make the next call.  If you could call 500 persons each day, it would take you 40 years just to reach the population in Los Angeles County.

Telemarketers get hundredths of rejections every day, yet they keep on making those calls. Am I to believe that a salesman has more tenacity than a Christian?

If you are worried about the phone bill, don't. Local calls cost nothing. To reach a city of 50,000 would take you 200 calls per day in one year.

Also in some areas calls to neighboring cities are considered local.  From where I live I can reach 20 cities without spending a penny.

Even if you could reach everyone in your local area, which I doubt it, you could start over again or ask a friend or relative, who lives in another area, to let you use their telephone.

Don't let the regular phone book fool you. There are a lot of unlisted phone numbers.  One way to get around this problem is to use a crisscross directory (Also known as reverse directory) or to simply call in sequence.

What about recording machines? Just leave a message. What will you say? That is up to you, better yet let the spirit guide you. How about a simple "Hello, I am calling from ABC church, and would like to invite you to our services" or "Hello, would you be interested in a Bible study?" 

The possibilities are endless, so go ahead reach out and touch someone, with the gospel.

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