There was a time when the worship of the Goddess was a big thing. The goddess went by many names. In some places it was Isis, In other places it was Artemis, and in Ephesus she was known as Diana.
Such was the devotion to this Goddess that the Ephesians cried “Great is Diana of the Ephesians” for two hours. The Christian disciples would not allow Paul to confront such a multitude for they knew such fanatical devotees would tear Paul to pieces.
The temple of Diana was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Reportedly she was the most worshipped deity in the Roman Empire. She was known to the Greeks as Artemis, although originally she had been worshipped as Cybele.
The preaching of Paul had already undermined the worship of Diana, and it threaten the silversmiths for they made their profit from making images of Diana. It was only a matter of time till Christianity overthrew the worship of Diana. Her temple was finally destroyed and was buried until an archeological expedition uncovered it.
But this was not the first time that men of God had to confront such Goddess, The prophets of God had to fight the idolatry and cult of Goddesses. Jeremiah reproved the Israelites for worshiping the queen of heaven. We know that the Israelites worshiped some false goddess, which the prophets condemned.
The cult of the Goddess is very ancient. It goes all the way to the time of Babylon when Semiramis proclaimed herself a goddess. She was the wife of Nimrod the mighty hunter that was against the Lord in the Genesis account. Nimrod was a rebel against God and he establish his kingdom in Babel (Babylon) present day Iraq.
Doing research into this couple and their son Damu (Tamuz) is complicated. The problem is that there are so many legends surrounding them that it is hard to tell what is truth from reality. So far we can determine that indeed they were historical figures.
Nimrod has been identified as king Ninus, or maybe king Ninurta. Other kings have been suggested as possible matches but these two seem to be the most likely candidates to have been Nimrod. What is known is that he founded cities and taught men to rebel against God.
After the death of Nimrod, Queen Sammuramat (Semiramis) declared him ascended into heaven and becoming a God. In order to retain her power she needed to be more than a woman, so she declare herself a goddess (Astartë) and she employed male priests (eunuchs), putting them in positions of authority throughout her empire.
This is the reason many of the goddess cults have priests that priest that are eunuchs. Some took a vow of chastity while others castrated themselves. It is amazing that infertile men often served the goddess of fertility. Some women took vows of perpetual virginity in honor of the goddess.
After the death of her husband she was found pregnant, with her husband death it was obvious that he could not have impregnated her, so she made up the story that Nimrod as the Sun had impregnated her through the sun rays. This is one of the reasons that the Goddess is always said to be a virgin. The virgin Goddess gave birth to Damu (Tammuz, Osiris, Dionysus, or Orpheus). Yet she was always and forever a virgin.
She is pictured in many places as the mother holding her son in her arms. The worship of the goddess-mother with the child in her arms (Known in Egypt as Isis and Horus) continued to be observed in Egypt till Christianity entered.
The old Teutonic goddess Hertha (the Earth) was a Virgin, but was impregnated by the heavenly Spirit (the Sky); and her image with a child in her arms was to be seen in the sacred groves of Germany.
The Scandinavian Frigga, in much the same way, being caught in the embraces of Odin, the All-father, conceived and bore a son, the blessed Balder, healer and saviour of mankind.
Quetzalcoatl, the (crucified) saviour of the Aztecs, was the son of Chimalman, the Virgin Queen of Heaven. Even the Chinese had a mother-goddess and virgin with child in her arms; and the ancient Etruscans the same.
Since her husband was now the sun God she was the moon goddess. Everywhere she is often represented with a moon. Artemis was the moon goddess. Diana was often portrayed riding the moon. Ishtar (also Asdar, Astar, Istar, Istaru) was the Babylonian Goddess who ruled the Moon.
The Luna, half moon, or sickle of the moon, also waning and waxing moon, is a sign of fertility, related to life and death, and thus a popular symbol in many religions. The half moon was the attribute of Diana (Artemis), offspring of the earth mother, and known not only as virgin but also as a symbol of fertility.
Another symbol that has been often associated with her has been the twelve stars. Often she has been pictured with twelve stars upon her head. You can see her in the Tarot as the Empress. These twelve stars are the signs of the zodiac. Astrology that demonic craft has come to us courtesy of the Goddess.
Semiramis traversed all parts of the empire, erecting great cities. Astarte is known as "The woman that made towers or encompassing walls".
According to legend she ruled over the land until her son demanded to be put on the throne, she was planning to delay or find ways to get rid of her son, but her son took his sword and killed her. Another legend says that she voluntarily let her son rule, and she went quietly flying away like a dove to heaven.
Even though she died she left a legacy that would continue through the ages. She was widely worshipped during her lifetime, and the worship continued after her dead. The stories and legends around her begun to grow and be embellish, as it continued down through time and across the cultures.
Every culture adapted her legend and changed her story to fit theirs. Yet the similarities are so astounding that a perceptive person can clearly see that all the legends have a common origin.
Witches continue to call upon the Goddess using her different names. They call her Artemis, Demeter, Cybele, Ishtar, Parvati, Baba Yaga, Hectate and many thousands of others. Each name brings to mind a different image of her, and they recognize aspects of her within their lives. She is truly the Goddess of a Thousand Names, and her reign is by no means over.
Of course behind this worship of the Goddess is none other than the master of deception, Satan himself. He wanted men to abandon God, and what better way than to use the most tender symbol possible to do it. He chose womanhood, especially motherhood as a way to lead men astray from God. Everyone surely is for motherhood, so why not use this and use it to undermine the worship of God. It was a very effective strategy, for at times it seem like the cult of the Goddess threaten to engulf and extinguish the followers of God the father.
When Christianity threatened the cult of the Goddess, Satan had to find a way to make sure his best tool of deception survived. So instead of confronting Christianity head on, which was a losing strategy, the devil chose an alternative. He rebranded the Goddess and named her Mary.
This was a stroke of genius. Of course the idea had to be introduced a little bit at a time, first it introduced the idea of a special place for Mary in the church. Then this other little bit, and after a few years of a little bit of this and a little bit of that, till now we have a full blown cult to Mary.
It took a long time for Mary to be transformed into the Goddess but it had to be done slowly one thing had to become accepted before another thing was accepted. If the current worship of Mary had been shown to the early Christians, they would have instantly recognize it as the worship of the Goddess and denounce it aggressively.
The Catholic church itself in its “Catholic Encyclopedia” Acknowledges that worship of Mary took a long time to develop.
Devotion to Our Blessed Lady in this ultimate analysis must be regarded as a practical application of the doctrine of the Communion of Saints. Seeing that this doctrine is not contained, at least explicitly, in the earlier forms of the Apostles' Creed. There is perhaps no ground for surprise if we do not meet with any clear traces of the cult of the Blessed Virgin in the first Christian centuries, the worship of Mary being a later development.
Let us see how Mary has now become the new Goddess in Roman Catholicism.
Mary has assumed most of the titles of the ancient Goddess, she is “The queen of heaven”, she is the “Mother of God”, she is the “holy mother”, She is “The Lady of the Sea”, "Divine Virgin", the "Madonna",  “Star of the morning” and many others. Mary is definitely loaded with titles.
These titles are blasphemous. For Mary to be the queen of Mary she would have to be the wife of the king of heaven, God himself. When was the wedding? Why wasn’t I invited? Did they took any pictures? Where was the honeymoon? For her to be the mother of God it would mean that she was first before God existed. How is Mary in any way connected to the sea, for her to be the lady of the sea? Star of the Morning, wait wasn’t that title already given to Jesus?
The worship of Mary in Mexico and other Latin countries is so strong; that Jesus is basically pushed aside to a secondary position.  For very picture of Jesus, there are about ten of Mary.  Just about all the prayers are directed toward Mary. All the churches are basically built to worship Mary. For all practical purposes Mary has become bigger than Jesus.
But the end has not been reached yet. The latest proposal to elevate Mary even higher is to name her co-redemptrix with Jesus. This would mean that Mary suffering would be equal to Jesus’ suffering. Of course Catholic theologians deny that this is what is meant, but what they mean and what actually gets implemented in practice are totally different.
Of course she is pictured or shown in images with the child, just like the pagan Goddesses. The excuse is that she is just holding the baby Jesus, like any other mother would. Excuse me but not every mother would have a paganistic halo around her head. No other mother would be shown surrounded by pagan symbols. No other mother would have a sea of candles lightened her.
She is often represented with a moon, sometimes the moon is under her feet at other times it is somewhere else. Many of these representations also show Twelve or more stars. What does Mary have to do with the moon and the stars. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Mary has been painted and sculpted in many forms, There is not one image that is considered Mary. They are all considered Mary, yet they are all different. It seems that there is an image of Mary for every culture in the world.
In Mexico her image is depicted with Indian racial features, of course she has to look like the people who worship her. In other places she is lily white, in some places she is black. The “Black Madonna” has a vast following in some areas.
Here is an image of the Virgin Mary as depicted in Mexico. This supposedly miraculous painting had so many defects and become so deteriorated that that finally the church had to admit that some of the parts were not authentic, but were human additions.

The years have shown the truth about this “miraculous” painting. Notice the uneven fading of the picture. This deterioration begun to be so noticeable that the original picture is no longer shown to the public, instead a copy is in its place. Notice how she is clothed with the sun, she stands upon a moon, and her clothing has many stars. All the symbols used in pictures of the goddess, except that here the son is not present.
A whole legend was fabricated about these painting, but historical records show that in reality it was painted by an Indian named Marcos, and the miraculous apparition of this painting has long ago been debunked.
The Goddess has in reality always been with us. She has never left. She just stole Mary’s identity and used her name. Changing names has never been a problem for her, she has used many other names and identities, but she has always been present.
So what am I referring to when I say the Goddess has returned. I am referring that she has now become more visible than before, she has tired of being in the shadows of God and now wants to take center stage. She has even resurrected some of her old personalities.
The rise of feminism has renewed interest in the old Goddesses. Especially Artemis for she did not consort with or bow to the rule of men. She is the prototype for the feminists.
She was forever virgin, not needing a man.
It is now common for feminists to talk about the Goddess and some even go so far as to talk about the goddess within. No wonder they hate the male oriented Bible and want to neuter God. To them Christianity with its male God and Patriarchal background is antagonistic and outdated.
Some feminists have advocated that women return to the old female religions where the goddess ruled supreme. The Minnesota chapter of NOW published an article advocating the return to "primitive goddess worship" as a replacement for Christianity.
This resurgence of the goddess has manifested itself in women becoming more involved in witches covens and the rise of Wicca as an official religion. She has long been the supreme deity in witchcraft.
The resurgence of the Goddess has even begun to infiltrate the Christian world. Some feminists want the Bible to talk about God in a gender-neutral way. Some even have suggested that Non-Catholic Christians pay respect, tribute or reverence to Mary. They are trying to use the same old trick of asking just for respect for Mary, which eventually will evolve into worship of Mary.
Of course we Christians do respect Mary for being the mother of Jesus, but the feminists want a more than simple respect. Once we Christians show a little more respect for Mary, they will keep on asking for a little more and a little more till eventually we will end up exactly where the Catholic Church is today.
Neither Jesus nor his apostles, nor the early church ever granted Mary any special status, she was never elevated to any sort of divine position. She held no rank, nor authority in the early church. All this is just a ploy to take us down the slippery road to open the doors of the church and let the Goddess return.

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