The resurrection of Jesus Christ has been attacked and denied by critics throughout the ages, but all the evidence points to the fact, that the resurrection of Christ is an undeniable event in human history.
The resurrection of Jesus is so indispensable to Christianity, that without it, Christianity collapses. (I Corinthians 15:14)
The denial of his resurrection took place the very same day that it happened; and it would have been very easy for his enemies to recuperate the body and stamp out Christianity at its roots. (Matthew 28:13)
His early disciples were so totally convinced of it, by him, that many gave their lives for him. (Acts 1:3)
Jesus could have appeared before the Sanhedrin, or even before all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, settling once and for all this argument, but he chose to appear only to his disciples. (John 20:19)
The reason for it is that an unbeliever that will not believe his word, neither will he be convinced, even if a man rose from the dead. (Luke 16:31)
As a matter of fact it is more blessed to believe in Jesus resurrection without seeing him. (John 20:29)
The following disciples affirmed that they saw him.
Paul saw him
(I Corinthians 15:8)
John saw him
(John 21:24)
James saw him
(I Corinthians 15:7)
Over 500 disciples saw him
(I Corinthians 15:7)

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