Many philosophies have attempted to infiltrate the true church, throughout the years. There were Paganism, Agnosticism, Tritheism, Communism, and a host of others. But the church has always managed to expose them and purge itself from them.
The latest philosophy to assault the church is called Psychology. Yes this philosophy which disguises itself as a pseudo-medical procedure is actually another human philosophy. This repugnant aberration comes not from the Bible, but from the world.  I have seen it make inroads into the church. Pentecostal leaders now recommend books written by Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Charles Jones, Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller, Zig Ziglar and all that multitude of deluded men. The books of these men are nothing but psychology diluted in some Pseudo-Christian Babble. 
Am I crying wolf? Yes I am, for I have seen its fangs before.  Don't you know that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. (Galatians 5:9)  Let us purge ourselves from this old leaven that disguises itself as new, but that is really the same old lie from that serpent in the garden.
Psychology is based on the teachings of godless, and in some cases, Anti-Christian men. Sigmund Freud was the creator of this deadly poison. He was adamantly opposed to Christianity. He taught that religious doctrines are all illusions and that religion is "the universal obsessional neurosis of humanity." His bizarre theories have infected nearly every system of psychological counseling. Moreover, Freudian concepts and terms have so permeated our society that they are generally treated as facts about human nature.
Carl Jung is the second most influential man in Psychology. Jung called religion a mental illness and said it was just an imaginary coping mechanism. Adler, Maslow, Fromm, Rogers, and Janov other pioneers in this field were also men who did not believed in Jesus. 
Just what is wrong or evil about Psychology? Isn’t it just another branch of medicine? Only on the surface it appears to be based on medical principles, but underneath it is actually a human philosophy. This Philosophy is an attempt by man to guide man. The blasphemy of man attempting to fix man. The theory that man has the answers to man. The psychologist (a man or woman) attempts to cure another man or woman. Psychology is a religion based on man's self-centered wisdom, the religion of man without god. This is totally wrong, the answer is not in man, the answer is only in God. The Bible is quite clear “cursed be the man who put his trust in man.”
Well some will say, we have doctors who healed our bodies, so we should have doctors who heal our brains too. Well this it good and acceptable but Psychology is not it. Psychology deals with thoughts, emotions, and behavior, but not with the brain itself. Psychotherapy is more like a religion than any medical procedure.
Psychiatry is the true science that deals with healing a brain. Psychiatry studies the brain, the physical part of what lies inside our skulls. Psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and emotional disorders. Psychiatrists attend medical school and receive a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree. A psychiatrist can prescribe medicine, while a Psychologist cannot prescribe medication. Psychiatry requires a medical degree, while psychology does not. People often confuse Psychiatry with Psychology much to the benefit of Psychology but the two are quite different. Just like people sometimes confuse astronomy with astrology. Astronomy is a genuine science dealing the universe, while Astrology is a superstition based on the universe.
Psychiatry is indeed a solid field of medicine that wants to help people with obvious mental diseases. There is no problem in a Christian going to a psychiatrist, as long as the psychiatrist confines himself to treating the person’s problem from a physical context. If a person has chemical imbalance in the brain, then that can sometimes be corrected through medicine. If a person starts seeing visions or hallucinations this probably indicates a brain damage problem; that could be corrected through surgery or medicine.
As long as the psychiatrist confines himself to the physical realm of the brain, he is within a legitimate and useful field that helps humanity. However there is a problem when a psychiatrist starts to dabble in the psychologist field. Some Psychiatrists in their sincere desire to help their patients better have taken courses in psychology and mix the two sciences in their treatment of patients.
Some of the advocates of psychology say that church ministers already use psychology in their Pastoral Counseling. Well they are wrong, pastoral counseling is done from the Bible. Ministers take the Bible and see what God has to say about this situation. We look for guiding principles in the word of God on how best to act or deal with the current situation.
Christian ministers do not tell people to go back into their past childhood and relive their traumas. We do not tell people that the answer to their problems is within themselves. We do not tell people to blame their parents for their faults.
Psychology victimizes people in many ways. It tells people to relive episodes of hurt, anger and humiliation. As if it was not bad enough that a person was hurt once already they have to be hurt again and again to get supposedly get better. Excuse me? But this is sadistic. Who in his right mind would reopen a scarred wound and poke the inside of the damaged area constantly? But that is precisely what Psychology does. Not only do people relive those movements of hurt but they also relieve those moments of hate and anger.
Forgetfulness is form of protection that the brain provides for us humans. Forgetting is the way that the mind deals with emotional trauma; it heals by burying the hurts of the past. What good is it to remember every day the hurt done to us sometime in the past? The emphasis of Psychology in remembering the past just creates people who become angry and must find someone to blame.
And whom do psychologists encourage their patients to blame? Well how about mom and dad?
God tells us to honor our mother and father, but the psychologists tell us to confront them and hate them for their past mistakes. Never mind that one is perfect and that we all make mistakes in raising children.
The emphasis on the past is another big problem with psychology. The Bible tells us to leave the past behind and press forward toward a better life. If you keep on going back to the past you will not live your present life. By becoming so focused on past events the present is wasted.
The idea that the past experiences is the reason a person acts the way they act makes people fall for the idea of victimhood. They are not responsible for their actions, because the past experiences and upbringing made them this way. This is a lie from hell; if you are an adult then you are responsible for every action you take. You have the power of choice; you are not a machine who must obey the past. I really do not care if you were sexually abused as a child, you can leave that behind you; you do not have to become a child abuser.
Every criminal cries “I am a victim”. Every lawyer brings tales of abuse as a child as a ruse to deceive people, into giving his client a break. He is really a victim; he is not responsible for his actions is the insinuation. Well excuse me but did your parents force you to take that stolen merchandise? Did your parents forced you to rape that person? Did your parents put the gun in your hands before you pulled the trigger?  It is a trick by conniving lawyers to bring the past as an excuse to get their clients of the hook. Plenty of lawyers know the truth and use psychology as just another tool of the legal profession.
And what with this crazy notion that the answer is within oneself? This is blasphemy! Man never has the answer to his life, the answer is Jesus Christ. He really knows the answer. He is the way, the truth and the life. This sham of getting in touch with your inner child or inner self is just a way for people to become self-absorbed and selfish. If you have an inner child it only means that you have not grown up, that you are still childish. Paul said to put childish things away, to grow up and become an adult.
The emphasis on self-love in psychology goes contrary to the word of God. The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself, but psychology tells you to love yourself. Excuse me? But we already love ourselves more than enough; everyone values his own life more than that of others. Humans do not need to be encouraged to be even more selfish. Paul said that we needed to die to self so that we could live in Christ, that he died daily to self so that Christ could be glorified.
Many Psychologists teach that a lack of self-esteem is the basis of many, if not most, personal problems. Parents are encouraged to develop self-esteem in their children, but unfortunately for the low-esteem theory, recent research has gone contrary to this idea. Studies have shown that bullies have high self-esteem, and perhaps the greatest irony is that gang members and criminals found their self-esteem to be as high as that of any over-achiever.
In the attempts to instill self-esteem in children, some schools experimented with rewarding every child with a good grade (grade inflation) for any homework turned in and everyone who participated in a sport with a trophy. They wanted to increase the children sense of self-esteem and thereby increase their performance. But this idea backfired on them, instead of creating self-esteem all this created was mediocrity and actually lower self-esteem.
Why would treating everyone the same create mediocrity and actually lower self-esteem. Think about this, why would a student study at all if they all got the same grade? Why would they play to win if they all got the same reward? The child, who indeed does try harder to win; is robed of his efforts by these wicked prophets of self-esteem. The children, who got the inflated grade or unearned prize, will eventually catch on and know they did not deserve it; they are not so dumb as to eventually realize what is going on. It’s a farce, with miserable results.
Creating an artificial world where everyone is treated equally despite their efforts or actions, creates a distorted reality that leaves people unprepared for dealing with the real world, which does not work like that at all. The real world rewards you or punishes according to your efforts or actions and cares little about whether your feelings are hurt or not.
The myth of self-esteem is not only nonsense, it is dangerous and pernicious nonsense. The Nazi criminals tried at Nuremberg, in whom there existed no fundament of goodness, were invincible in their self-esteem. After the deaths of untold millions, they still believed they had a right to a pre-eminent role in society based on their special qualities. Their grotesquely inflated self-esteem prevented them from understanding the evil that they had perpetrated.
Another doozy that takes the cake is the new theory of suppressed memories. People get weird suppressed memories of many kinds. All this encouraged by the Psychologists of course. Families get destroyed and people get falsely accused all on account of some supposedly suppressed memories of sexual abuse.  Amazingly most of these memories just happen to come after the patient has been hypnotized. In other words after they are extremely susceptible to suggestions, and insinuations.
Shall we talk about the business side of psychology? This is a very nice and profitable field, there are always people with problems. There is also an abundance of suckers, about 60 per minute, which is why this racket continues.
You get two psychologists together and you get an instant argument about which is the best way to treat a patient. It seems like each one has his own pet theory and variations. And if that is not enough a psychologist can create his own system and his system is just as right as any other. There is no real way to measure the effectiveness of any system.
For each psychologist who teaches a way to follow there is another who teaches just the opposite. You have those who make people scream till they are hoarse and then you have those who teach people to meditate.  So make up your minds dear psychologists, which is the correct way, screaming or silence?
You have those who teach people to become assertive and the others who teach the way of peace. So what is it, is it running roughshod over people and having your own way or is it to let people run over you and remain aloof?
What shall we say of their temperament theories and their personality testing? Well the reality is that these tests are subjective. Every psychoanalyst interprets the results however he wants to interpret them.
Do not fall for these lies my brethren, ministers. Please do not mix the words of God with the words and theories of ungodly men. Don’t you know that a little leaven, leavens the whole lump. Once you start the slippery road of mixing Biblical concepts with secular psychology you will end up with a child that is neither. “Christian psychology” is an Oxymoron, just like “Christian paganism.”
These men claim to teach biblical counseling but authentic biblical counseling uses only the Bible, not the methods or theories of the world.  Those “Christian Psychologists” might throw in a biblical phrase here and there but that is just used as a door opener. Their whole counseling system is not based on the bible, but on the latest theories out of the psychology camp.
Do not allow “professional” counselors to counsel your people. These men are indoctrinated with secular humanistic theories. Throw out their inner child along with their inner self out into the streets; let them use their twelve steps to get out of the church, let them have their empowerment circles away from your church. Let them go out into the wilderness to enjoy their primal screaming. Close the door to their psychoheresy.
The premise of so called "Christian Psychology" is that the Bible is not sufficient, and that all truth is God's truth.  Did not the Devil told our fathers, that what they had was not enough? That they could have more? Did he not told the truth about their eyes being opened, knowing good and evil, and being like God. (Genesis 3:5, 3:22) 
The Psychology philosophy has already injured and killed some of our brethren.  Let us therefor purify the church from this plague and cast it upon the heaps of history, as another one of those evil inventions of men.

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