The Bible has been the most studied and yet least understood book of the ages.  It must be approached with an open mind, and a willing heart.  There are certain principles of Bible study that are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, and must be followed in order to avoid falling into error.  Failure to follow them has led multitudes into cults, heresies, unsound doctrine, and apostasy.


01. The Bible is simple. The common man can understand the Bible. One does not need a college degree to learn the truth.

02. The Bible is relevant.  It was good for yesterday, today and will be for tomorrow, it never becomes outdated or irrelevant.

03. The Bible is complete.  No books are missing or need to be added; neither does one need another book to understand it.

04. The Bible is sufficient.  One does not need another book, a person’s experience or special “revelations” to guide one into truth.

05. The Bible is trustworthy. Since God inspired every word of it, it has no mistakes or contradictions.

06. The Bible is inter-linked. Every scripture is linked to another. There is no such thing as an isolated scripture or book, they are all connected.

07. The Bible is self-supporting. Every single doctrine is supported by more than one verse, never by a single verse. There is no single true doctrine that is supported by only one scripture.

08. The Bible is intertwined. Every doctrine is intertwined in the scriptures, there are strands of redemption begging at Genesis and ending at Revelation. There are strands for every main doctrine.

09. The Bible is spiritually discerned. The carnal man can not understand it. God's spirit reveals and guides into all truth to those who are true seekers.

10. The Bible is sound. The Bible never will tell us to do something that is unsound. Like commit mass suicide, kill a child, pray for evil things to happen to someone, or make us go crazy.

11. The Bible is inexhaustible. One can study it for hundredth of lifetimes and never finish learning from it.

12. The whole Bible is needed.  All was written for our salvation and benefit and no part of it can be ignored or cast aside.

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