The Bible is unlike any other book in the world, because it was written under the inspiration of God. One must prepare before approaching it, for in there are all the answers to life.

1. Prayer: Should be done before, during, and after a study.

2. Attitude: The Bible must be approached with humility, reverence and an obedient heart.  The wrong attitude will quickly close this fountain of wisdom.

3. Conviction: We must be fully convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Bible is the infallible word of God.

4. Purpose: Any study must be undertaken for a purpose.  Why are you studying God's word? How will this particular study help you?

5. Atmosphere: This means having good lighting, a firm table, and pleasant surroundings.

6. Organization: Means keeping all additional books, and writing helps in their proper place.

7. Equipment: Have all the paper, pens, markers, and other items ready and handy.

8. Time: Enough time must be set up to do the study. Tell your family that you will be studying for an X amount of time, and that you need a little privacy. Or else invite them to join you in the study. Do not do your study in a hurried manner for good things take time.

9. Expectancy: One must approach the Bible expecting to find answers, wisdom, guidance, and knowledge.

10. Isolation: The study of God's word should be conducted away from the telephone, the radio, the television and any other distraction. People should be avoided also, unless one is engaged in a group Bible study.

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