Do I believe in praying for the sick? Yes I do.  If you or a loved one is sick, then go ahead and pray all the way to the doctor or the hospital. If someone in your family needs insulin then take it. Your body already makes insulin, just not enough for your body needs; all you are doing is adding to what your body fails to produce.

We live in a physical world, we eat and drink water. Why we do not say, “well I will just pray and God will give me strength to go without any food or water?” If we were to pray for God to give us strength, I am sure God would look at us kind of funny and say “Open the refrigerator and eat what is in there”. It is the same with sickness. If we are sick God might say “Open the medicine chest, take two pills and call me in the morning”

Am I being facetious? Am I mocking divine healing? Not I am not, I am just pointing out that we live in a physical world and our bodies need physical things and one of those things is medicine when we are sick. Yes I believe in divine healing but when someone is sick I believe in seeking healing by all means necessary. If going to the doctor will solve the problem then why trouble the Lord?  God can heal by using human beings to do his healing.

There is no such thing as an incurable disease, every disease has a cure. The problem is that we have not yet found the cure for some of diseases. But think about this, we have learned to cure many of those diseases which previous generations considered incurable. The diseases of yesterday are mostly confined to backward countries but most modern countries no longer suffer them thanks in large part to modern medicine.

When King Hezekiah was sick, the Prophet Isaiah ordered that a lump of figs be put on the boil of the king and the king recovered. (2 Kings 20:7) In James it say to anoint the sick with oil and the prayer of faith shall save the sick. Well the figs have strong antibacterial properties, olive oil also contains Antimicrobial properties, and the good Samaritan poured on oil and wine upon the injured person because they contained anti-bacterial properties. In biblical times people used different herbs, leafs, bark of trees and oils for their healing. Many of the plants mentioned in the Bible were used for medicine.

Well what about King Asa and his diseased feet. The problem with him is that he only looked to his doctors and did not seek the Lord too. (2 Chronicles 16:12) The bible does not chastise him for seeking the doctors but for ignoring the Lord. We need to combine seeking the Lord and seeking the doctors; it has to be a partnership of the physical and the spiritual.

I am a big advocate of natural and herbal medicine, for the simple reason that I believe that when God created man and the world he also created plants that had “leaves for healing” (Ezekiel 47:12) Of course I do not dismiss modern medicine, but I favor natural medicine. I will pray while also drinking my herbal medical teas. But if the teas and herbs are not doing the job, then I will take that darn pill. The point is that I favor medicine, not that I just only prayer for my healing or the healing of my family. I will give God the glory regardless of how he chooses to heal me.

Is anything too hard for the Lord? No nothing is. He can heal any disease he chooses to heal, but have we considered that sometimes he allows us to suffer the consequences of our actions. What am I saying? Well the truth is that many diseases are caused by us. We live a wrong lifestyle and eat food that is bad for us, what can we expect?

Why should we feel that God is obligated to heal us, if we are responsible for our own problems? It is like a person hitting himself in the head and then going to the Lord to heal him. Probably God would tell him to quit hitting himself in the head. If you are getting sick too often take a look at your lifestyle and you will probably find your answer.

Everyone has to die of something. This might sound cruel to some people, but there are times when God could heal but he chooses not to because it is time for that person to go home. We all going into that sleep and getting sick is one way that some of us start our walk in that direction.

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