Humanity has progressed much, so that now it is able to heal many diseases and prolong life; but no matter how long people avoid it, death eventually comes. (Ecclesiastes 3:20)
Some think that death is the end and that there is nothing after it; however we Christians believe that death is only a door to a fuller life in the presence of God. (John 5:28)
Death indeed seems final, but it is not so. Jesus told us that he is the resurrection and the life, and that whoever believes in him would live again. (John 11:25)
Jesus proved his power over death, by resurrecting Lazarus from the grave. (John 11:43)
Jesus even had the power to lay down his life, and to take it again. (John 10:18)
Dear Christian brethren; we do not need to fear death nor to grieve over our departed love ones, like people that have no hope. We have the assurance from God, that if we believe in his son we shall indeed have eternal life. (John 3:16)
It doesn't matter if our bodies have decayed or have been destroyed. God is able to keep his promise of resurrection. (Job 19:26)
We will die one day
(Psalm 89:48)
Jesus has the keys of death
(Revelation 1:18)
There will be a resurrection
(Acts 24:15)
Let us believe in him
(John 3:15)

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