We Christians often say the Bible is the only source of truth and that we only teach from the Bible. Oh how I wish that was indeed truth, but it is not.

Some people who claim to be Christians have added to the Bible such things as the Book of Mormon, and some other books to the Bible. They have elevated the writings of some of their teachers on a par with the word of God. Any Christian who claims to be a Christian and considers the writings of others on an equal basis as the Bible is in false doctrine.

Some may say well what about all the religious books you have read? Yes I have read many books by Christian authors but I have never elevated or equated any of their writings with the word of God. As a matter of fact I have kept none of those books, I either sold or gave away all of them. I am willing to learn from many, but I keep only the Bible, for long after the writing of most of those men are forgotten the Bible will still be around.

God said not to add to the Bible. Adding to the word of God is completely wrong. Neither can we subtract from the Bible or skip something that is in the Bible because we do not like what it says. We are to preach only what is written in the Bible, we are to preach the Bible, the whole Bible and nothing but the Bible. Preach it all from beginning to the end.

If someone does not like or agree with the Bible, well too bad, it is the Bible. And we are supposed to adjust to the teachings of the Bible; the Bible does not have to adjust to us. We are not to teach only what we like from the Bible and ignore what we do not like. We have to read the whole Bible and accept it as the true word of God.

Another addition is the creeds. All those creeds are also additions to the word of God. We need to make a nice bonfire and dump all the creeds created by men into it. Our only creed should be Only the Bible, that’s it. Right off the bat I tell you, if anyone asks me what creeds I adhere to, my one and only answer is “None”. Before all the people and God “I reject all creeds” there you have it in writing; so do not bother asking me about any creeds. All of them are tainted by human false ideas about God. The Bible is my one and only creed.

What about those statements of faith. I say throw them all in the garbage; yes I am serious, dump all of them; throw them down the sewer as far as I am concerned. But some may say “then how will people know what we believe?” well simple, tell them you believe only the Bible. Just teach the Bible and do not worry about it.

Some may say that I am being hypocritical after all you have in your website a statement of faith. Well yes, after years of resisting putting a statement of faith, I finally relent it and did it to my regret. But after years of modifying it I finally dumped all of my foolish human words and simply used the words that never need to be modified, updated or changed; the word of God. Anyone can go to our website and see that our statement of faith is made up of bible verses only; not one single human word is in our statement of faith.

Some preacher may ask, if I do not have a creed or statement of faith to guide me, then what should I teach and preach? If you need to ask that, then you probably should not be in the ministry. Just preach the Bible, let the Bible speak for itself. Quit trying to twist the words of the Bible to conform to some creed, statement of faith or some list. Better yet quit trying to make the Bible conform to your doctrines or any theologies and you start conforming to what the Bible teaches.

You teach only the Bible and in sincere prayer and the spirit will guide you into all truth, not just some partial truth that some person got years ago and put into a human creed or doctrinal resolution. Get your own revelation, get deep into the Bible, submerge yourself into the word of God and into his spirit.

Why is this concept of teaching the Bible, the Bible, the Bible, and only the Bible so hard to understand? Why do most so called Christian preachers resist this simple concept? I wish I could climb into a mountain and shouting with all my might so that all the world would hear me say,

PREACH THE BIBLEJust the Bible, Only the Bible.

I am sick and tired of all the pious sounding human creeds, statements of faith, doctrinal declarations, statements of affirmations and all the rest of such garbage. If I could, I would gather them all, put some kerosene upon all such writings and gladly toss a match in it. Like the believers in the book of Acts did with all their books of magic. Forget all such idiocy and just preach Only the Bible. Is that such a hard concept to understand or accept?

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