There are over 400 million Christians in the world, with about 60 million residing in the United States.

These sound like good numbers, until we realize that these statistics are deceiving.

Many who call themselves Christians are basically heathen or atheist in their beliefs and have only a vague idea of what Christianity is really about.

Some assume the idea that being born in a Christian nation, or having Christian parents, automatically makes one a Christian.

Others believe that being a moral person or being a member of a church is all that is needed.

However all these ideas are wrong? A person is a Christian, when he has put his faith in Jesus Christ, and committed his life to him.

Being a Christian means that a person believes the Bible to be the pure word of God, and obeys it. [This doesn't mean that he has to agree with a certain theology or interpretation]

Unfortunately real Christianity has been diluted and obscured by men who are ignorant or wicked, or both.

Jesus warned us about these false teachers, who in order to advance their personal agendas, would deceive souls.  They preach other gospels which instead of saving men from damnation, makes them twice the children of hell. 

Whatever the reason these delude teachers have for their folly, they will surely receive their just punishment. But the sad fact is that they are not just going into hell themselves, but are dragging with them scores of people.

Many deceived people will go into a Christless eternity, cursing the men whom they trusted their souls with, but by then it will be too late.  Every person is responsible for his soul, and deceived people will not get off the hook by blaming their teachers.  Their gullibility will show that they preferred to believe a lie from a man, than the truth in God's word.

Reaching these nominal Christians poses some dilemmas. Foremost of all is, do we want them to have true saving faith in Jesus Christ? or do we want them to join our own denomination or church?

If we seek to convert them to our church or denomination, then we are in the wrong. NO, NO, NO, we must seek to convert them from a superficial knowledge to a real saving faith in Christ Jesus

Perhaps the greatest obstacle in reaching them is that telling nominal Christians that they are not really saved and need to be born again tends to create anger, denial, and conflict.

Some of them will even persecute anyone who dares to talk to them about their lost condition. They will call him a bigoted fanatic, or an overzealous cultist. 

Others will react the opposite way, and will say that we are getting worked up about nothing, that it doesn't really matter what one believes as long as he believes in God.

But regardless of how they react, we must not let that discourage or stop us from witnessing to them in a loving manner.

We must not fool ourselves like they have. If a person has not been born again, then it doesn't matter whether he calls himself an atheist or a Christian, he is lost and without hope.

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