I have heard these words spoken by various individuals like if that conferred some special status.  But seeing how they live it seems more like their father was an atheist.  Let's make it clear that the fact that your father, uncle or relative was a man of God, doesn't mean a thing if you are living like the devil.

If you are a sinner, then you should be ashamed to even brag about your relationship with ministers of the gospel. If you are so proud of your father, then why don't you obey him?  Your own words reveal your rebellion. Are these words suppose to tell me, that you know what I am about to say, and that I should not even bother to talk to you, about your soul?

Being the sons of Aaron did not saved Nabad and Abihu, from the judgment of God, (Leviticus 10:1-2) and it will certainly not save you.  The prophet Samuel was righteous but his sons were not. For you see the righteousness of a man is not transferable to his son (Ezekiel 18:5-13)

Another thing being the son of a preacher does not automatically qualify you for the ministry. Although in some organizations the ministry has become hereditary, that doesn't make it right.  The priesthood was hereditary, but God has abolished the Levitical priesthood.  If a man doesn't have the call of God in his life then it doesn't matter if all his ancestors were ministers; that man better not enter into the holy ground of the ministry.

A doctor or a lawyer usually wants his son to follow in his footsteps, but let me make one thing clear.  The ministry is not a profession, but a high calling from God. Listen carefully pastors of God's sheep, whenever you put a family member in charge of a ministry over a more talented person you are doing wrong. Every time a family member is chosen over a more godly and able person in your congregation, you are harming your church.

Preachers don't you dare to put your son over your ministry; Nepotism is wrong I do not care what your excuse is. I have seen it done and every time I see it I lose respect for both preachers; the father and the son. Dear preacher if your son is really called of God then let him go out there and establish his own church, or take over another church. If you really think your son is the right person to take over your ministry, then let the church make that decision, not you. If he really is called of God then God will open the door.

This idea that my father is so and so, so I deserve special treatment needs to go. Your father may be a capable international minister, but that is him not you. Do not try to play that card, earn your own place in the ministry, do not relay upon your connection to your father.

Another thing is the wise guys that want to marry the preacher’s daughter. You think that by marrying the pastor’s daughter will get you closer to taking over his ministry? No it will not. It may work for a while but soon your ministry will go downhill.

The church is not a family business, a bank or a gold mine that can be passed down from father to son or daughter. God will not bless those who try to fleece his sheep in such a brazen manner. God will remove his true people from such avaricious wolves in sheep clothing.

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