The Mormons also known as the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has 5 Million members worldwide with 4 million residing in the United States, mainly in the state of Utah, and growing rapidly.

The Mormon Church bases its beliefs on the writings of Joseph Smith and the Bible. The books of Joseph Smith are the Book of Mormon, The pearl of great price, and Doctrine and Covenants.  These books are accorded higher status than the Bible; for according to them the Bible has been changed and corrupted from its original state, and is correct only if correctly translated. (And of course the Mormons are the only ones qualified to do it)

Careful examination reveals that the Bible has basically remained unchanged for thousands of years, while their own writings have undergone nearly four thousand changes in less than 150 years.  Also a close reading and comparison will reveal an un-passable gulf between the higher quality of the Bible and the confusing and unintelligible Book of Mormon.

The most telling sign that their writings are not sacred is the fact, that they not only contradict the Bible, But also each other.  Another point is that many of their doctrines and secret practices are not even written in their books, and some in fact contradict them.

It is obvious that this church which is built upon a world of contradictions is not the restored church of Jesus Christ.

The Mormons false doctrines included the belief in Godhood progression (That man can become a God), that God was once a man, that Jesus and Satan were spiritual brothers, that salvation is obtained by baptism, obedience to their church precepts, and good works.

The Bible clearly tells us that man is mortal and will never become a God.  Any divinity he obtains is only by abiding in Christ. 

 God from the very beginning has always been God; however he did became a man when he came in the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the only begotten son of God, which means there is no other.  Satan is a creation of God, which sinned and fell from grace.

Salvation is obtained by the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross, baptism is a sign of obedience, obedience must be given to the Bible, not to church precepts, and no amount of good works can earn salvation.

Mormons are very pro-family oriented and put great emphasis on a college education.  They are usually very refined and polished people, but we must not let their sophistication, awe us into defeat or suppression of the truth. Their young "elders" or evangelists use biblical terminology as a masquerade, and the best way to unmask them is to press for a definition. 

Not all Mormons are aware of their own doctrines or know about the secret rites performed in their sacred temples.  Many of them were born into it, and could be reached if approached in a lovingly manner.

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