As a minister of the Gospel I have my critics. To them I say thus; I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ my Lord and my God. I will answer to him, not you for he will be my final judge. No, I do not claim to be perfect or be super holy. I am a man of like passions as you have. I am a sinner saved by grace. Yes I am a hypocrite that says one thing and then sometimes does the opposite; and when I do that then I repent, get up and try not to mess up again. I was not raised in the church, I am an outsider, but God in his mercy brought me into his church. I am continually studying the word of God; because I want to learn more about God. Yes I am a bible thumper and not ashamed of it at all.

My duty is to preach salvation and teach the Bible; that is what God has told me to teach. If God hasn’t shown me some truth from your denomination well I am sorry, but you will just have to take that up with God. I know this is hard for some of you to accept but just because your group or denomination believes something is true doesn’t necessarily mean it is true. I am sorry if I do not believe X doctrine of yours, but God teaches me what I need to know. If he hasn’t taught me something, then either I am not worthy of receiving it or it is not a true doctrine.

Of course by not believing in your X doctrine, I may have been reduced in your eyes from being a true Christian preacher to a false prophet. Well yes, it is possible that I am a false prophet, but then I rather let God judge me if I am such an one. If you truly feel that I am a false prophet then be kind and please pray for me that God will open my eyes to the truth and grant me the wisdom to change my ways.

If you disagree with me in any doctrine please do not bother to write to berate me, nor call me nasty names, I am used to it. I do not change my doctrines to please people no matter how angry, thunderous or religious they sound. Long letters do not persuade me either, neither does quotations from some famous preachers. Do not prejudge me and say I am a hopeless case; any disrespectful behavior will not cause me to change my mind. I am also deaf to sentimentalism or pious pleadings, and don’t even think of patronizing me.

Listen, I do not want to be judged a false prophet by Jesus Christ, I love Jesus, I do want to be with Jesus, I want to walk with Jesus, I want to be in heaven with him. I want to kneel before him and worship him. So yes I am willing to change my message if the Lord wants me to change, so yes I am open to instruction and correction from the Bible. But you must be willing to show your doctrine conclusively from the whole Bible.  If you cannot show your doctrine from the Bible save your time and your breath, I am not going to listen.

I believe the Bible, I teach only the Bible and I follow only the Bible. I do not follow or accept any creeds, I do not accept or follow any theology. I do not accept any writings from so called apostolic fathers or “prophets”. I do not accept any new revelations or new books. I do not accept any denominational doctrinal statements. I have one book out of which I teach, and it is called the Bible. If it is not in the Bible don’t bother saying it, for I will simply smile and ignore it.

Yes I know that I could only teach from the Bible and I could still be a false teacher. However I will not accept such judgment from my critics. I will rather wait to see what Jesus my Lord and my God determines. For after all only he truly knows which doctrine is correct and which isn’t and he knows who is a true man of God and who is not. I appeal my cause to my Lord Jesus Christ.

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