Was born in England on 1703.  Encouraged by his mother, and father he led a deeply religious life, and was sent to Oxford to study for the ministry.

There he learned to wake up at four each morning to pray and study his Bible, a habit which he kept throughout his life.

But in spite of all his religious activities, he was filled with remorse for his sins.

He learned Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and Arabic; and many years later he learned German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

In 1727 he took charge of the parish at Wroote, but his parishioners rejected his preaching, so he returned to Oxford two years later.

Then he joined a group begun by his brother Charles Wesley. This group was derisively called "The Bible bigots", and "The Holy club".

This group begun to work among the prisoners and poor of Oxford, but was soon met by criticism and punishment from the religious authorities.

In 1732 John Wesley was offered to serve as a parson to the English community in America, and as a missionary to the Indians.

On the voyage to America he met the Morovians, and was impressed by their piety.

Arriving in Georgia he soon started missionary activities among the Indians, but with no success.  He also started ministering to the German, French and Italian immigrants.

He left Georgia after trumped up charges had been raised against him.

Wesley returned to England discouraged.  He then wrote "I went to convert the Indians, but who shall convert me?”  He joined with the Morovians and begun studying under them.

In 1738 he had a heartwarming experience, where he felt converted.  From then on he became a flaming Evangelist.

However the churches begun closing their pulpits to him, he was no longer welcomed by the religious establishment.  So, he began ministering to the prison population.

Two years later George Whitfield invited him to take over thousands of Colliers of Kingswood, who had been won thru field preaching. They had no churches, so Wesley had to preach in the open field.

For forty years he traveled constantly; holding meetings to spread the gospel.  Since most churches had closed their doors to him, he had to preach in the open fields, and the streets.

His preaching sometimes caused riots and some men threaten to kill him. Many times he was pelted with stones, and once he was severely beaten, yet he continued preaching the gospel.

He read hundredths of books while riding in his horse. He preached over forty thousand sermons, and wrote two hundredth and thirty books.

He earned large amounts of money from the sales of his books, and from donations, but lived in poverty, because he gave it all to the poor.

At his death he left only an old worn out coat and ten pounds to his name. Oh, and also thousands of new Christians.

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