With knife in hand the angry Sagamore stood in his way. John Eliot gazed into his eyes and said "I am about the work of God, I fear not all the Sechems of the country."

Witch doctors hated John, Some ministers opposed him, and some settlers sabotaged him; but none could stop his evangelistic work.

This British minister fleeing religious oppression came to America in 1631. He settled in Roxbury, near Boston. He ministered in the same church all of his life.

John became interested in the Algonquin Indians which occasionally visited Roxbury. He learned some of their phrases and Bible in hand visited their villages.

His grammarian skills, acquired at Cambridge University, enable him to learn the complex Algonquin language. He put their sounds into writing and made a grammar.  It took him fourteen years to complete the Algonquin Bible.

No rain, snow, or frost could keep John from visiting the Indian villages. Years later after he became lame from a disease John visited them on horseback.

His Indian converts were ridiculed and persecuted.  So they formed their own towns, which became known as "Praying Indians" towns.  John created fourteen towns, with a population of over three thousand.

After years of uneasy relations, the Pequot war, between the British and the Indians, begun. Then the "Praying Indians" were forcefully removed to Deer Island.

These Christian Indians served courageously as scouts and soldiers for the British; But to the settlers an Indian was an Indian, so one night the settlers massacred these Indians along with their wives and children. The survivors fled into the forest, where they suffered hunger and cold.

John interceded for the "Praying Indians" and took them what meager provisions he could gather.  Angry mobs called him an Indian loving traitor, and threaten to kill him. At least one attempt was made on his life.

After the war John set out to reconstruct the "Praying Indians" towns. The war had not only devastated the Indian population, but had thrown them into deep poverty. Only four squalid towns were created.

At eighty years John was not able to leave his house, so he left the work to the Indian pastors, which he had trained.

Since John was unable to get up from his bed, from then on he had the town black slaves come to his house to hear the gospel. He preached the gospel from a bed till the day he died.

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