The deity of Jesus is still a mystery to many people. Some would want to make Jesus a good teacher or simply a moral man.
However the scriptures make it clear that he was God in the flesh (I Timothy 3:16)
Their confusion stems from the fact that Jesus was born as a baby (Matthew 2:1); Lived as a man (Mark 6:3), and died.  These are things which all humans do. However the Bible also tells us that he was alive before he was born (Micah 5:2);
That he performed many miracles (Mark 1:34);
That he resurrected from the dead; (Matthew 28:7)
And that he has all power. (Matthew 28:18)
These are things which only God can do. Jesus had all the characteristics of God and man, in other words he was a God-Man.
It is important to realize the divinity of Jesus, for he himself said that we shall die in our sins if we believe not who he is. (John 8:24)
Unless one denies the infallibility of the scriptures, then there is no escape from the fact that Jesus was called God, by many of the writers.
Isaiah called him God
(Isaiah 9:6)
John called him God
(John 1:1)
Paul called him God
(Romans 9:5)
Let us call him God
(John 20:28)

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