The Jehovah's Witness also known as Russellites have 3 million members worldwide with 1 million residing in the United States.  This cult is probably the most aggressive proselytizer of them all.

Their zealous search for new converts puts many lukewarm churches to shame.

These cultists base their beliefs on the writings of Charles Taze Russell, (From thence their name as Russellites) and Judge Joseph Franklin Rutherford. Russell's writings were originally published under the title The millennial Dawn later changed to Studies in the Scriptures. According to "Pastor" Russell, any man that studies the Bible alone will only go into darkness; whereas by using his books, he goes into light.  However his writings only reveal that Charles Russell was a man of very limited secular or theological education.

Another feature of this cult is the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.  This is such a poorly done translation, that no reputable scholar has ever taken the credit for making it.  Any of the 50+ translations currently available, will easily beat this one, hands down.

Charles Russell was a liar in the witness stand, {he committed perjury on March 17, 1913} and it is obvious that his followers are not truthful witness either, which is a requirement for being a real Jehovah's Witness.

The Jehovah "Witless" false doctrines include the denial of the divinity of Christ, the denial of hell, the Spiritual resurrection of Christ, the spiritual coming of Christ in 1914, and many others.

The Bible clearly tells us that Jesus was a man, but also God. Reducing him to a mere man robs him of everything he is.

Hell is a very real place; and no God does not send anyone to hell; people choose to go there of their own free will.

Jesus did resurrect in a real physical body, but he was no longer subject to physical laws since he had all power available to him.

And no, he did not return in 1914 in a spiritual body.  When Jesus returns the whole world will know about it. For his coming will be visible and corporal, with an army of angels following him.

Jehovah's Witness seek to captivate the ignorant, and gullible.  The less education a person has the better he fits into the organization.

They also seem to suffer from a martyr's complex.  They take any criticism of their doctrines as persecution, instead of examining whether the critic is correct.

They usually isolate themselves from contact with Christians, and become a closely knit sub-culture.

It is not impossible to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The first step is to develop a friendship with them (Not an easy task).  And from there proceed to hammer in gently the divinity of Christ, till it sinks in.  We must reject their doctrines, not them, for truth triumphs better when it is mixed with love.

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