There are many people that say, they believe the Bible, except for this part or that part of it.  Those poor souls don't realize that the Bible is not a cafeteria where they can pick and choose to believe whatever fits their fancy. No, a thousand times No.  You must believe it all or nothing.  You must believe the miracles, the moral parts, the historical parts, the doctrinal parts, EVERYTHING.

You must believe it all to be true and correct from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. If you don't believe this is so then go back to the world and stop pretending that you are a Christian.  When you don't believe that the word of God is pure (Proverbs 30:5) you are actually calling him a liar. But it is impossible for God to lie.

I really don't mind or care when the atheists says that the Bible isn't true. But what really irks me is whenever a theologian says or writes; that a certain verse doesn't really mean what it says. These overthrow the faith of some by saying that this story or that story is actually an allegory or an embellished account, that those events never happen, or if they did, they didn't happen that way.

Well they are wrong, yes there was a garden of Eden, yes there was a flood, yes there was a tower of Babel, yes Joshua destroyed Jericho, and yes Jonah was swallowed by a whale, I really don't care if scientists have not yet found evidence for these events. If God says they happened that settles it for me.

Well what about some parts that will never appear in a children’s bible like the story of Dinah or Tamar? Or the sad spectacle of Noah drunk and naked or the seriously sad ending of Lot. Well they are still a part of the word of God. Why is the story of Dinah even included in Genesis, shouldn’t it be hidden away in some other apocryphal book? As disturbing as these stories are that some ministers never even mention them, they are still a part of the word of God.

Yes these and many other stories like the command to destroy all the inhabitants, the story of Jephthah or the book Song of Solomon, night offend some people sensibilities, yet they are still the word of God. The Bible is the word of God even if some people find it offensive, outrageous or very hard to believe, yet we still must believe it, no exceptions.

Those (so called) Ministers who cast shadows of doubt upon the word of God, by undermining the truth of the events or saying the texts do not really mean what they are saying are actually playing the role of Judas. These men are the fifth column of Satan. If they don't believe the Bible then why teach it? If you do not believe the Bible is true, they why use it? Might as well preach from a dictionary or books by Disney.

Why are so many of those doubting ministers preaching from the pulpit? Would any nation promote known traitors to lead their troops? Would a company keep a sales agent that bad mouthed their products? Then why does the church tolerates these known traitors? Why are some of them holding the pulpit of some churches or teaching in some Bible colleges? Why doesn't the body of Christ rise up, and throw these rascals out?

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