Secret societies have existed from a long time ago. They have gone by different names and existed in diverse places. Some of the names of these societies are Freemasonry, The Rosicrucians, The illuminati, The order of the Golden Dawn, Skull and Bones, the Cult of the Serpent, The Knights of Malta and many others.
In ancient times many of these societies had killers who murdered their enemies and members who betrayed them. It is well known that the Assassins which were members of an Islamic secret society born in the 11th century, lived up to their reputation. The Ku Klux Klan definitely murdered people. The Nazi party is another secret group with a bloody past. There are some that affirm that assassinations are still occurring, but now they are made to look like accidents or suicides.
Some of these societies like the Masons seem to be a harmless and benevolent organization to the public. They appear to be just a social club like the Kiwanis or the elks, but the higher in the organization a person advances the more he realizes it is much more than that. The vast majority of masons in the lower “Blue Degrees” levels are just a harmless crowd, but these levels serve as a recruiting ground.
The main feature of these societies is their secrecy. Some of these societies are so secret that only a few individuals belong to them, and admission is extended only by special invitation. To keep secret they even change the name of their society and even the members use assumed names. When asked, those who are members of a secret society will deny their membership.
These groups shun publicity; they give no information regarding what they do or what they discuss. They hide their actions and meetings. Finding information about them is hard to do. The only information that comes about them is from former members.
They use secret symbols or signs to identify membership in them. Some use special jewelry, or some other item to identify themselves as members. They even have secret handshakes, oaths or secret words only known to the members.
These secret societies are composed of men who for the most part are of the privileged class. They come from the elite of society, they are well educated and have many resources at their disposal, and many of them are part of the government or business world and wield considerable influence.
Some very famous men and even women have been members of these secret societies. Did they become famous with the help of their society or did they become famous using their own talents? That is a question for judgment day.
Just what do the secret societies do or want to do? Their agendas vary but the primary goal of members of secret societies is power. Another of their goals is to impose a New World Order, where of course they will rule. They want to change the world for the “better”. To bring about their purposes they help their members to get elected to governmental offices or business posts.
These societies are dangerous to the government, and society. They undermine democracy and the will of the people. It is well know that some of these societies have become powerful enough to instigate wars, shake the economy, change education and even promote national leaders.
Just what events in history have been created or caused by the secret societies is hard to tell. Some say the secret societies were behind the French revolution, the American Revolution and even World War I and II. Just how much truth is there to these rumors, insinuations and conspiracy theories is hard to tell, there is no concrete proof that such events were initiated by those secret societies, although there are some hints that they were involved in some events.
One of the clearest indications that secret societies were somehow involved in the American government is the one-dollar bill. Look carefully at the one-dollar bill
Egyptian mythology is deeply embedded in the Masonic rituals. That is the reason the symbols of pagan Egypt are so prominent in the dollar bill.
In the back part of the Bill there are two seals, on the left side there is a pyramid and on top of the pyramid is an eye. The ancients knew this eye as the all Seeing Eye of Horus. He is the foresighted one, where one eye represents the Sun and other represents the Moon. The pagans use it as a charm to ward off evil. The brilliance behind the eye in the triangle is the sun, which fits properly for Horus was the sun God
Then at the bottom of the occultic Egyptian pyramid are the words "NOVUS ORDO
It has many drawings, words, numbers and symbols, but few people understand their meaning. It also uses Latin a dead language to conceal many of its secret words.
One clear symbol is the pyramid at the left circle with an eye at its top. America is not a nation that has ever built pyramids, like the Egyptians or the Mayans. So what is a pyramid doing in the money of the United States?
The pyramid is an ancient occultic symbol. The pyramid comes from the ancient Egyptian mystery religion, which engaged in occultic rituals to transport deceased Pharaohs up a twelve step 'stairway-to-heaven'. At the culmination of the ritual, the spirit of Pharaoh stepped into the 'eye of Horus' and ascended into the afterlife.
Perhaps this is the reason twelve steps are used in many self-help programs, where the emphasis is on man’s self-improvement. The idea is that a person in twelve steps can ascend and reach heaven, nirvana or perfection.
There are seventy-two bricks in the pyramid- the number of the names of God in Kabalistic and Masonic lore. This pyramid also has 13 rows of bricks. Of course behind the all seeing 'eye of Horus' is the sun; which was worshipped universally by most pagan tribes.
At the base of the pyramid is the number MDCCLXXVI, which is 1776 in Roman Numerals. This is the year America was founded, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The Babylonian numbering system is base 60; by applying the Delta to MDCCLXXVI it gives us the numerical arrangement of 666.

And if the sun was the focus of worship of the ancients, the stars were also part of that worship. Astrology was popular with magicians for they could read destiny in the stars, the Zodiac are star combinations. There are plenty of stars in the dollar in different arrangements.
One side of the seal has the sun the other has the stars and the moon; it is a symbolism of day and night. Most people fail to see the moon because it is above the head of the eagle, it is a full moon. Just like the sun is hidden but shining on the top of the Pyramid by the eye triangle. The moon too is on the top of the eagle hidden by the triangle of stars, but still shining. You can clearly see that the pyramid side represents the day and the eagle side represents the night if you see these two seals in their official colors.
Let us take a look at the Latin words written therein.
NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM. Which means "New World Order".  This is a well-known New Age code phrase. The New Age seeks to create a "New World Order" without the Christian God.
The phrase "ANNUIT COEPTIS" above the pyramid means, "He favours our undertakings". Some may think this refers to the Christian God but actually it is from a poem by Virgil, GEORGICS, book I, line 40. It is from a prayer to the god Jupiter. It also refers to the Sun God Horus, which is behind the triangle eye. Another oddity of this phrase is that is composed of 13 letters; the number 13 is the most powerful number in witchcraft.
This pyramid symbolism and ties to the worship of the sun is unmistakable. The Egyptian Goddess "Nut" or "Nuit" was the sky goddess of ancient Egypt, mother of the sun, moon and heavenly bodies, and wife of Geb. Geb was the God of the primal waters. The Goddess Nuit represented resurrection. She gives birth to the sun in the east and swallows the sun in the west.
As we can see the magic of Egypt is well represented in the dollar bill. It was the magicians of Egypt who confronted Moses, but Moses defeated their dark magic. Every one of the plagues that Moses brought upon the Egyptians was aimed at their occultist symbols.
Before we leave this side let us look at the arrangement of the seal.

Here in plain view is the arrangement in a hexagram or six-pointed star, which is used by Satanists.  Although the pentagram is more popular, the hexagram is also used in their rituals. You can see next to it what is called ‘The hexagram of Solomon’ also called ‘The solomonic magic circle’, used in magic. If this image seems amazing just write down the letters that are encircled and it will tell you even more. M- A - S - O - N. Yes that is right the letters spell out the word MASON.   It also could spell AMON the Egyptian God of hidden things.
The Hexagram is the most powerful and evil sign in Satanism and of all the occult world. Hexagrams are often used to decorate Masonic temples. They are used inside circles to cast powerful magic. They are made of 12 triangles; the number 12 is a powerful magic number. They often combine the 1 and the 2 and make up the number 3. The word ‘Hex’ which means to place a curse on someone, originated from this sign.
You may have noticed the abundance of triangles by now. The Science of Triangles is well known in witchcraft and satanic cults. They signified LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE.
You also notice that the circle is also in there the first seal is encircled and so is the second. The eagle side has an extra circle around the 13 stars; these are a representation of the sun. The circle is in witchcraft also, it is a very powerful symbol.
The Magic Circle is called the magician’s circle, in theory serves as a container for magical energies as well as helping to switch from the mundane consciousness of everyday life to that of a more magically minded one. However black magic which is called the most powerful magic; often uses a double circle. Such double circles are abundant in the dollar bill.
‘Sacred Geometry’ plays a key role in dark magic, shapes, lines, direction and even the position of magical objects or symbols is done to where is more favorable for the magic and enhance its power.
Now look at the other side the shield is loaded with the number 13 an occult number. The number 13 is the most powerful number in witchcraft and is the number of a coven in ancient tradition.
Not only that but there are three hexagrams hidden in this seal of the great eagle, but I have only shown two, to see if you can find the third Pentagram.

13 Leaves in the olive branches
13 Bars and stripes in the shield
13 Arrows
13 Stars in the green crest above
Then the eagle and the phrase "E PLURIBUS UNUM" which means "Out of many one"
This might seem like an innocent phrase, referring to the thirteen colonies, except that its roots go back further. It was a phrase used by the Masonic lodges before the American Revolution.
The eagle itself is a Masonic symbol, in Masonic terms it is known as the "eagle of Lagash," an early Persian symbol of duality and divine authority. The god Aetos was a golden eagle which was the messenger of Jupiter and companion. The rightward glance of the bird symbolizes not only the choice of peace, but the choice of the right hand path- the choice of a moral life. The eye of the eagle is in the same spot as the eye on the pyramid. The eye of the eagle could see far away that is why the ancients chose it often as a mystical bird.
A fact not noticed by many but the arrangement of the stars above the eagle is in the shape of the hexagram or six-pointed star, which is used in occult rituals; it is called by the masons "The Seal of Solomon" It is composed of the water triangle and the fire triangle. The Jews call this, the Star of David. This side of the Seal has two hexagrams the small one above in the stars and the one that flows from it. Each side of the hexagram has 6 sides; there are three hexagrams in the two seals making the total number 666

6 points, 6 triangles, 6 sides
If you examine the hexagram, closely, you will discover something astonishing. It has six points, forms six equilateral triangles, and in its interior forms a six sided hexagon -- thus it reveals the number of Satan’ antichrist beast, -- 6 points, 6 triangles, and the 6 sides of the hexagram -- 666 !!!
Of course symbols of death could not be missing from here. The bible says “All those who hate me love death”. The first symbol of death is clearly the Pyramid, but there are others. The people honored in the money are those who are death. The hidden owl, which was a symbol of death and destruction, can be found but you have to search for it, it is very small and hardly looks like an owl.
The symbolisms are a great many more, but they are well hidden. They represent different types of magical sources, ranging from Egyptian, Babylonian, numerology, Astrology, Wiccan, Black magic and some others.
After this you will never look at a dollar bill the same way again. The reason it has so many ancient, pagan, occult and Masonic symbols is because masons were involved in the design of our money.
These secret societies are influenced by Satan the god of this world, and you can see in these symbols a mockery of God. The pagan all seeing eye pretends to imitate the all seeing eye of God, God will create a new world; but Satan wants to create a new world order. God came down from heaven to save us, but Satan says we can ascend to heaven on our own pyramid creation.
Many of these secret cults are fervent opponents of Christianity. There are others who claim acceptance of Christians and Christianity in their philosophy. So some Christians have been duped into joining such groups. They have willingly put themselves into conflicting loyalties.
The secret societies that are in open opposition to Christianity usually have many paganistic rituals and ideals in them. They consider Christianity and its followers their enemies. It is members of their groups, which have, instigate many persecutions of Christians and have sought to erase any vestige of Christianity from America.
The others secret societies, which claim to accept Christianity and Christians in their membership, do only by insisting that all religions are equal. The Christian who joins them has his religion reduced from being the only way to just being another way. Jesus is reduced and placed in the same level as Buddha, and Mohammed. All religions have equal validity to them; they recruit people from any religious background.
The Opus Dei is a secret society within the Catholic Church so obviously all its members are Catholics. Their secret society is one of the few societies based exclusively upon religious beliefs. They are reactionary and deeply conservative. They are a small but highly influential group. Its critics have compared it to a Mafia shrouded in white.
When a Christian joins a secret society, he places his loyalty with the group and the goals of the group. At first sight this might not seem to be a big problem. But what happens when a member of the group needs help and a member of his church needs help. Who does he help first? If a person and a member of his society are up for promotion, does he promote the best able candidate or is he required to promote his secret accomplice?
Christians must not join a secret society. A Christian cannot allow his religion to be reduced to just another one which is acceptable to God. Membership in these societies goes against the teachings of Jesus. For Jesus clearly taught publicly and not in secret. Jesus had all power yet took on the role of a servant. Jesus clearly told us that there is nothing secret that shall not be revealed.
These societies claim that they only want to change society for the good, but in order to accomplish their goals they use deception, lies and devious means. The spoken goal does not justify their means.

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