In 1848 a sickly young banking clerk, with a nasty habit of profanity, left the banking business and begun helping his father, who was an amateur doctor.

A year later, after reading a gospel track he gave his heart to Christ. This young man was Hudson Taylor.

The following year Hudson heard a voice saying "Go to China". So he set out to learn Chinese, the world's most difficult language.

With no money to go to China, Hudson started ministering in the streets and ghettos of England. Evil men destroyed his tracts and treated him roughly.

In 1852 The Chinese evangelization society sent him to train as a doctor in London. Sickness forced him to stop his training.

Finally in 1853, Hudson left for China. He arrived in the middle of warfare, and immediately began healing and preaching the gospel in Shanghai.  The war eventually forced him to abandon Shanghai.

His salary was small and sometimes delayed. But in spite of poverty, Hudson made several preaching tours into mainland China.

Because his missionary efforts violated a treaty, he was threatened with severe punishment.  Undaunted, Hudson disguised himself as a Chinese and kept on preaching the gospel.

Hudson was threatened, imprisoned and suffered great hardships, but he kept on spreading the gospel.

Like the Apostle Paul, Hudson used his citizenship to escape imprisonment and death.

Hudson took over a missionary hospital at Ningpo, but in 1860 sickness forced him to return to England.

Back in England, Hudson Taylor finished some medical studies and formed the China Inland Mission (CIM).

His mission was penniless, But in faith Hudson begun recruiting missionaries. He soon had recruited and trained 24 missionaries for China.

In 1866 Hudson returned to China. During the trip, he and his band of missionaries converted most of the ship's crew to Christianity.

Hudson established missions in all the provinces of China.

Hudson's missions were ridiculed by westerners, while Buddhist and Taoist priests did him much evil. Vicious lies were told about him. But no threat or harassment could silence him.

Hudson attended over one hundredth patients daily, and preached to crowds of over two hundredth Chinese every day.

Before he died Hudson, through CIM, had brought over eight hundredth missionaries into China and had established hundredths of churches throughout China.

He loved the Chinese and his name is still honored by the Chinese churches.


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