Homosexuality also known as sodomy is the practice of a man having sexual relations with another man. But it is more than that; it is also a completely different lifestyle.

There are approximately 5 million homosexuals in the United States, and they form a loosely knit community.

Some are very militant and openly declare their sexual preference. Others are closet Homosexuals: These sometimes marry and have children, but live a double life unbeknown to their spouses.

They are classified in the following types.

"The Butch" who lifts weights, wears leather clothing, and acts in an aggressive manner.  

"The Queen", who wears women's clothing, and make up. He usually insists that he is a woman trapped in a male body.

"The Faggot", who has extremely exaggerated feminine mannerisms.

"The Bisexual", who likes to have relations with male or female lovers.  Many times he will deny that he is a homosexual, by citing the women he slept with.

"The Plain Homosexual", who doesn't dress up extravagantly, nor flaunts his sexual orientation. Many of these feel that they were born gay.

Gay means happy and full of life, but the homosexual is anything but "Gay". They face constant rejection, ridicule, and hostility.

Their life is constantly made miserable by the many diseases that they transmit to each other.  Things like Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and the dreaded AIDS.

It is no wonder that the average homosexual is loaded up with guilt, anger, self-hatred, selfishness, loneliness, and despair.

The truth is that this is such a depressing lifestyle that about 25,000 of them commit suicide each year.

Despite of the protests and slogans of the gay leaders no one is born gay. Their leaders view any criticism of their lifestyle as "homophobia" (Fear of Gays), but God calls such lifestyle sin, and no amount of discussion or acceptance from society can change that. God would not have decreed the death penalty nor would he exclude them from heaven if he had actually made them so.

It is a lie that a homosexual can't change. The church of Corinth had many former homosexuals among its congregation.  Also today many of them have left that lifestyle, and have become sanctified, and justified by the blood of the lamb.

Homosexuality is a learned behavior and a grievous sin against God. However it is not the greatest of sins, in the Bible they are classed alongside fornicators, adulterers, thieves, extortionists, and drunkards.

The homosexual may live a sinful life, but it does not give any Christian the right to engage in gay bashing or to hate them. They are souls bound to a strong sin, but Jesus is stronger than any sin.

Approaching them is not easy they are skittish of Christians, since they have usually met only hostility.

We must show them that we truly love them, and that we are really interested in telling them about the Lord Jesus Christ, who also died for them, and wants to set them free.

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