That, which was looked upon as evil and totally wrong by the American people, has now become acceptable as a harmless pastime. I am talking about witchcraft.  Yes pure and undiluted witchcraft has returned. It has infiltrated every place in America and the world
Hard core witches and wizards call their magic, with a different spelling, they call it magik, this is supposed to differentiate real magik from pretend magic. But the truth is that all magic is from Satan, Black magic is from Satan and so is white magic. White magic is evil regardless of how it appears to the world or the claims of white witches.
Magic has many names, it is called Voodoo, it is called Santeria, and it is called by many other names. But they all spring from the same roots; the Devil, Satan, and whatever other names that evil being is known by.
Magic is based upon the belief that the universe is populated by unseen forces or spirits that permeate all things. Yet these magicians do not understand that these unseen forces or spirits are actually demons. They are fallen angels ready to deceive their foolish followers.
Some witches really think that they control those evil spirits without realizing that they are just pawns being used by those demons. Idiotic spells or chantings can not control these demons; that are just playing a sadistic game of deception and damnation with the witches.
Is there such thing as real magic? Yes there is and that is perpetrated by the demons called by witches. The witches are just instruments to fool other humans into the evils of witchcraft. All the rituals and incantations of the witches and warlocks are just gimmicks they have zero power.
Should Christians fear magic? NO magic is powerless against the child of God. Satan has tried every trick in the book to destroy Christians, yet has always failed. Witches have cast every kind of evil spell upon Christian missionaries with zero effect. If the demons summoned by witches could destroy Christians, they would have done it a long time ago.
Witches organize themselves into covens. Most people would not join a witch coven out of the blue. It takes a long time of meddling with the occult before a person joins a coven. Only a few person go this route most people just casually use magic.
People can be of many religions and still practice some magic. They do without thinking they are actually engaged in real witchcraft. They think that visiting a hand reader is just an amusement or diversion; they think having some reading the tarot cards to them is harmless.
Magic indeed is a multi-million dollar business. It has been successfully commercialized, and is conducted in a business like fashion. Any type of witchcraft is available for the right price.  One can choose from white magic to black magic, and everything in between. The variation of magic is astounding; there is sympathetic magic, contiguous magic, astrology, and much more
Those magical stores have everything that is connected to magic; they have potions for love, crystals, tarot cards, and a multitude of paraphernalia that is designed to get people deeper into the practice of magic.
Every town seems to have a couple of places that sell magic books and other artifacts. Not to mention the local gurus, and "Gifted" seers, who will come to your house and conduct a séance for you, or cleanse your house from bad luck.
In case one is too tired to go into their premises, the gurus can be called by phone in their psychic line.  And if one needs a Christmas present there are plenty of occultic board games to choose from at any local store. They make "great" presents for our relatives or friends. They even come with a free demon possession and a doorway into hell.
In TV, movies and books the practitioners of the black arts are shown to be fun loving, good looking, funny, and just great people. When they are portrayed as bad, the hero or heroin turns out to be a good witch or somebody also with magical powers.  The enlightened people always believe or become believers in some kind of spiritual force, and of course when there is a closed minded, intolerant, sourpuss, no sense of humor, tyrannical person; he is always portrayed by the bigoted Christian.
The infiltration of magik into the culture has been tremendous. Perhaps the biggest fountain of this "innocent" magic emanates from a certain place in California. Every other cartoon has characters with magical powers. Shall I mention that the old "good" fairy tales are loaded with magic? Cinderella has the good fairy godmother (White witch), so does Pinocchio, and a host of other characters. It seems that magik does come from a certain kingdom.
What shall we say of Hollywood? There is so much to say about this cesspool of magik promoters that it would take an entire library to show every instance of magik promotion by the thousands of movies that flow from its studios.
The music industry has plenty of groups that used magical themes and spout witchcraft laden messages. They dress in the most demonic outfits possible and use occultist symbols in their album pictures.
Then we have to take into account all the books that push magic. Some do the soft sell, while others are quite brazen in their promotion of magic. There are those fun colored books aimed at little children to initiate them and even those for grown up serious witches and warlocks.
And what about games? The playground of children and adolescents is littered with board games and video games promoting this filth. One of the old timers "Dungeons and dragons" still is around. It also has been imitated by the new batch of board games and video games.
Magic is so deceptive that some people are practicing magik without realizing they are doing it. To them it is just a game or a special science. One of those practices is the water douzer, this person goes around with a stick trying to find water, and he relies upon magic to find it.
Then there is that magick which disguises itself as Pseudo-science; I am talking about the telepathy, levitation, mind control, and all the rest of that paranormal junk. This "science" fooled even that stalwart institution of common sense The United States Army into spending millions of dollars in research. After expensive experiments that yielded absolutely nothing the Army disbanded the infamous first corps of "psychic" soldiers.
Then are those who are fooled into magical practices thinking they are just innocent practices. People will throw salt behind their back, for good luck (hello, this is magik). And what shall we say of the ones that superstitiously make the sign of the cross (that too is a magical practice).
Then there is the proverbial rabbit foot, the horseshoe over the door and all the other many magical items promoted for good luck. Those items are part of magic. Shall I continue with all the jewelry that is shaped in the form of magical symbols and emblems?
We are so surrounded with it that most people don't realize it. It takes someone to point out the magical symbols and practices for people to recognize them as such. And even then it is dismissed by most as just innocent beliefs or harmless ideas.
But magic or magik, however you spell it are the same thing, and both of them are evil. They are a creation of Satan, which God despises. The devil has created witchcraft for the harm of humanity. To keep humanity living in superstition and fear.
Magic is not something new; it has been practiced for centuries. When the Israelites conquered the land, God told them to destroy all the idols and not to dabble into their occult practices. God made it a high crime to practice witchcraft, he commanded the Israelites saying, "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live". Of course, this command is hated by all witches who use it to attack Christians as bigoted and evil, when they themselves are the practitioners of evil.
Witchcraft has never disappeared it has only gone underground, even in times of severe persecution, the art of witchcraft persisted. It has now returned with stronger force than ever. It is ironic that in these modern times when men have enthroned science, old fashioned magik with its old pagan gods in tow has returned.
The US government has officially recognized the religion of Wicca and accommodations must be made for practitioners of witchcraft. New covens have sprouted and there is a new class of "educated" ignorant people practicing a new age style of paganism.
Some of the evil practices of witchcraft have infiltrated some churches.  Could it be that these Christians forgot to discern spirits? The practice of holding hands in a circle is not from the Bible, but from Wicca covens. But God clearly says, though hand joined in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished (Proverbs 11:21)
One "Christian" leader was selling holy oils that the believer was supposed to use on his house all around to protect from evil spirits. This is clearly a paganistic magical practice yet she was there on Christian television promoting such nonsense. We Christians cast out demons in the name of Jesus not by using some special “blessed” oils.
But much worse is the fact that there are a few Christians who call themselves Christian wiccans. How can anyone claim to be such absurdity is beyond comprehension, obviously they cast aside the Bible warning against the Christian mixing Christ with Belial. They ignore the Bible condemnations of witchcraft and attempt to do like the ancient Samaritans of fearing the Lord but serving their pagan idols.  No you can not be a Christian Wiccan it is an oxymoron.
It is possible to get people away from such evil as witchcraft, but the longer and deeper a person has been into witchcraft the harder it is to break loose. Yet there have been many cases of witches abandoning a coven and becoming Christians. Yet the demons won't give up without a fight. There have been reported cases of dark and paranormal visitations upon people who leave witchcraft. These are just attempts to frighten the new believer into returning back to Satan's side. The demons can attempt to intimidate the new believer, but there is not much they can do against the blood of Jesus.
Magic is not a harmless pastime or a silly diversion, it is playing with eternal damnation and inviting the power of darkens into a person’s life; it is a serious matter that needs to be avoided and must be exposed to the light of the gospel. The Demons hate being exposed to the light of the gospel because it renders them powerless.
The primary focus of witchcraft is not the unbeliever or the witches and wizards, no the primary target of those demons are the Christians and children of Christians. They attempt to deceive the Christian with high sounding words of spiritual enlightenment, and that all power is from God. Well that is a lie, there is a devilish power that does not enlighten but darkens the mind and soul.
My dear brethren do not be deceived by their high sounding words of spiritual enlightenment, but let us walk as children of light: proving what is acceptable unto the lord, and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them (Ephesians 5:8-11).

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