Many people scoff at the notion of heaven as nothing more than pie in the sky and by & by.
It has been caricatured as a place where people float in the clouds, playing the harp all the day long. But the Bible never describes heaven like that.
Instead it is the habitation of the creator of all things (Genesis 1)
The Israelites were told that the land of Canaan was a land that overflowed with milk and honey.
They sent twelve spies to search it, and they returned with the report that indeed it was a land of plenty, and even brought some fruit of the land as proof of its plenty (Numbers 13:27)
Our Lord Jesus came from heaven, and has told us that heaven is a place of glory and wonders.
After his resurrection he ascended into heaven and has given gifts unto us to show us a little of the richness of heaven (Ephesians 4:8)
We need to dispel any notion that heaven will be a place of eternal boredom.
We have a creative God that created the entire world and its wonders in just seven days. Imagine what he can create for us throughout eternity.
Heaven indeed will be a place full of excitement, wonders, and activities.
Heaven is real
(John 6:38)
Heaven is beautiful
(Revelation 21)
Jesus reigns there
(Revelation 22:3)
Let us go there
(Revelation 22:14)

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