Miraculous healing has been dismissed by the liberal theologians. While others say that it only happened during Apostolic times.
But I beg to differ for I believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)
God through the Prophet Isaiah healed King Hezekiah, from a grievous disease. (II Kings 20:5)
During his earthly ministry, Jesus showed his compassion of the multitudes, by healing them all, of every kind of disease. (Matthew 12:15)
The Apostles continued the ministry of healing.  They healed all manner of disease for every one of the sick got well (Acts 5:16)
God is just as able to heal today as he was yesterday.
God does not send disease upon anyone as a blessing or punishment, disease happens because we live in a sick world. Disease comes upon the unbeliever and the unbeliever, but the believer can ask for healing.  So that the works of God be manifested (John 9:3)
But, why aren't all Christians healed? Maybe the person is not a real Christian; has not asked for healing; lacks faith; is living in sin; or some other obstacle stands in the way. (James 5: 14-16)
Sometimes God may allow a disease to work out patience in us or for some reason and later bring healing while at other times allow the disease to take its course and bring death. God is sovereign and heals according to his will (Romans 9:15)
God heals
(II Kings 5:7)
Faith is needed
(Mark 6:5)
Call for the elders
(James 5:14)
Let us heal
(Mark 16:18)

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