01. First impression counts.  Be clean in your person, that includes showering, trimming you nails, and combing your hair.  Iron your clothes and shine your shoes. Brush your teeth, use breath freshener.

02. Have a positive attitude.  Smile and be cheerful.  Let your enthusiasm be contagious.  People are attracted to happiness, but are repelled by sad sack religious people.

03. Don't criticize another religion.  This includes cults and non-Christian religions.  Talk about Jesus Christ, no religion.

04. Don't get into any argument.  Nothing is accomplished by arguing, and even if you win you lose. Avoid foolish questions.

05. Listen politely, then speak.  If you listen, then you also have a right to speak. If the person doesn't want to let you speak say "I have listened to your message, It's only right that you listen to mine."

06. Don't interrupt.  Let the other person finish his sentence. Also don't interrupt another brother.   

07. Don't waste your time.  Some people are not yet ready to hear the message and will just waste your time. Learn to get rid of them in a courteous manner, Raise your hand and say "Excuse me, but I have to go". or "Why don't we get together at another time to further discuss this". or "I have to minister to other people".

08. Get information.  If possible get their name, address, and telephone number.

09. Leave a good impression.  This will open the door for future contact.

10. Learn from your mistakes.  You will make mistakes.  Don't dwell on them, just learn from them.  Don't let a prior failure stop you from evangelizing.

11. Fight discouragement.  Some people will be totally uninterested, while others will be mean and cruel.  Some will even curse and persecute you.  Even some well meaning people will seek to dissuade you from evangelizing.

12. Above all be sensitive.  Learn to follow the Holy Spirit guidance.  The Holy Ghost will guide you where to go and who to speak to.  It will also lead you to bypass certain areas or people.  It will also tell you what to speak.

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