Genesis 24:7 ...He shall send his angel before thee, and thou shall take a wife unto my son from thence.

Abraham gave a charged to his servant to go, and fetch a wife for his son Isaac, and the servant obeyed him.

We have a greater master than Eliezer had, who has sent us to make converts for his church. Will we be less obedient than Eliezer?

He went on an earthly mission and prospered. We are on a heavenly mission and shall prosper even more.

If we are servants of the most high God, he will send his angel before us and we will surely make converts.

Please come into the field and help us to add members unto the church, which is the bride of Christ, who is the son of the Father.

Prayer Requests

Due to the amount of prayers requested, it is not possible for us to pray individually for every prayer request, and it would be dishonest to imply that we do. So instead we will add your prayer request to our list, which we will take before The Lord God Almighty.

Yes, I wish for you to include me in your prayer list

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