In our world sometimes things seem so chaotic, that some feel that no one is in control. Tragedy strikes at random and evil runs rampant, yet nothing happens in this world without God allowing it. (Psalm 135:6)
In the Old Testament the Israelites were in slavery in Egypt. It seemed like Pharaoh was in control, and he was not about to let them go free. But the Bible clearly tells us that it was God who raised up Pharaoh, in order to show his power, so we see who really was in control. (Romans 9:17)
In the New Testament Jesus had fallen into the hands of his enemies, and apparently they could do to him whatever they pleased, even kill him.
But once again this was not so for Jesus said that he voluntarily laid down his life. (John 10:18)
Later on Saul was vent on destroying the church, but God turned it around, so that its persecutor became its greatest propagator. (I Corinthians 15:10)
God is not overwhelmed or surprised by events, revolutions, tragedies or discoveries. Nothing happens without him being aware of it. God is completely in control of his world, and he can turn it in whatever direction it pleases him.
Therefore Christians can rejoice in the midst of their tribulations, and trials.
God is in control
(Isaiah 43:13)
He can do all things
(Jeremiah 32:27)
He has all power
(Psalm 62:11)
Let us trust in him
(Philippians 1:6)

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