He took the new Bible and tore it in pieces.  Was he a God-hating atheist?

No actually he loved God's word.  But he lived in the Soviet Union and that Bible was the only one available for his two hundredth member church. So he cut the Bible into many pieces so that the congregation could share the pieces. Today Bibles are more available in Russia, but are expensive.

Russia isn't the only place where Bibles are expensive. There are many churches in Africa, South America, and Asia where a single Bible is shared among many members. The problem is big but we can make a dent in it.

The translation and printing of the Bible has become more affordable, but still works needs to be done. One problem that must be addressed is the poor translation of some of the bibles, some of the Bibles were translated by good people who were not properly trained in the art of translation and their translations are full of defects. Some of these translations need to be redone. Also there are still languages with an incomplete translation of the Bible, some only have the New Testament available, and others even have less than that.

Incredible as it may seem there are still languages without a bible translation. Some may say that translating the bible into those languages is costly and that they are only spoken by small groups of natives, but that should not matter, Jesus died for them too, and they do need the word of God.

One problem with the Bible is that it needs to be replaced after a certain amount of use. Of course this is not a problem with those who only have a Bible for show. Paper is not a lasting medium, furthermore it damages easily by water, fire, and greasy fingers.

Another problem is the willful destruction of the Bible by its enemies. In communist countries the government destroys any Bibles it gets their hands on. They consider it subversive to their government. In Muslim Countries bibles are routinely burned. Atheists hate the Bible and happily destroy it. Not to mention people who destroy the Bible for other reasons.

One way to solve these problems is to join a Bible society and support their efforts by contributing financially or we can directly mail Bibles to other countries. Either way we do it, it will carry a financial cost. A better and more economical way is to create a publishing house or send a printer to the country where it is needed. Of course they will also need lots of ink, paper and other publishing materials.

Go ahead and start distributing Bibles, there are plenty of poor people who don't have one. There are plenty of elderly who cannot read the Bible because the print is too small; they need a big letter version of the Bible. There are people who cannot read or are dyslexic; they can surely use a Bible in tapes.

Some atheists or people from other religions would never buy a Bible themselves, but they might accept one from you and perhaps one day they will actually read it and become saved.

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