This is one of the simplest ways to spread the gospel.  Yet tracts have been overlooked or disdained by many Christians.

Since most Christians (Over 90%) are afraid or ashamed to witness, they should at least consider tracts.  Tracts won't stutter, forget the message or blush.

Furthermore tracts are versatile.  They can be given in person, or mailed to friends.  Tracts can be left inside books, mailed with bill payments, left in the restaurant, the Laundromat, and just about anywhere.

There are many types of tracts available.  But one must choose carefully. Some tracts are so badly made that they quickly go to their deserved place, the trash can.

We live in a visually oriented society.  Very few people will read a tract with only letters on it. This means that a tract should be eye-catching, contain pictures, drawings or unusual shapes.

The idea that gospel tracts should be choke full of scriptures is not effective.  The unsaved are ignorant of scriptures, so one or two well placed and explained scriptures will be better remembered.

Tracts should be interesting; they have to hook the reader from the beginning.  Also an intriguing title will do wonders for a tract.

People will finish reading a tract with a story, and remember it long after.  While a story-less tract will be quickly forgotten.

The saying "Less is more" applies here.  Some writers attempt to make too many points in one single tract.  This only confuses the reader.  One or two points should be enough.  Think of the tract as a small hook, which needs small bait.

In a diverse society it is much better to have tracts for specific groups.  A tract meant for everybody will usually be read by nobody.

One final but very important thing.  Tracts need to have the name, address and maybe the phone of your church or organization.

Tracts are simple and low tech, but they can be effective. They have the advantage of going places where you can't go, and can reach more people than through personal contact.

Do tracts work? Yes they do, some people have come to church after reading a tract. They interest people into searching for more spiritual values.

Before you dismiss tracts as unsophisticated, remember that we have to use any means available to reach the sinners.  I am sure that the Apostle Paul would have used tracts, if they had been available in his time.

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