When I first started witnessing I was told by another Christian that there was no need to witness; that God would bring the people into the church eventually.

This struck me as an absurd notion, but later I learned that he was not the only one to have it. This idiocy running rampant in the church is named predestination.

Predestination means that God has already decided who is going to be saved, and that the elect will eventually be brought into the church, whether they want to be saved or not.

This doctrine is supposed to give the glory to God, (Oh, what a noble gesture) But the only problem is that this doctrine is morally and scripturally wrong.

The scriptures that are twisted to teach this misguided doctrine were written by the Apostle Paul. However these brethren fail to realize, that if Paul really believed like they do; he would have remained in Jerusalem or Antioch, just waiting for God to bring the people in.

But seeing the life of Paul I seriously question that he believed there was no need to evangelize. He went to the lost and faced ridicule, persecution, and many hardships in order to reach them. Paul was truly an idiot for suffering all those things if there was no need for evangelism.

Another thing is that  this doctrine makes a hypocrite of God.  The Bible tells us that God is not willing that any should perish, but that all come to repentance.

Why would God offer salvation to the whole world if he had already decided who was going to be saved? Doesn't John 3:16 say that whosoever believed in him? The same says Acts 2:21, Romans 9:33, and many others.

Lest I be mistaken I checked the dictionary, the Greek lexicon, and many other translations, and I found them all in agreement; whosoever really means whosoever.

If predestination was right, then we should not even have preachers.  After all if God doesn't need soul winners, why would he need soul keepers?

How it must grieve the Lord that he came and died for the lost; But some teachers will actually dissuade Christians from going and telling the lost about it.

The truth is that this doctrine is an excuse for some who are not interested in obeying the Lord's commandment, to go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Dear brethren, forget predestination.  If we don't  spread the gospel the lost will never know Jesus and  will really be destined for hell.

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