Dear brethren, for some of you there was a time when you cared about the lost.  When you worried about the eternal destiny of people.  When you witnessed to people about finding salvation in Jesus Christ.  But that was a long time ago, and now that desire is long gone.

You haven't witnessed in ages, and you have little love  for the lost.  Maybe now and then you feel a twinge of guilt, but it is not enough to get you going.

Could it be that you have forgotten when you first came to the Lord?  Early in your conversion you probably witnessed to your family, to friends, and to your coworkers.  You were not the greatest speaker in the world, but you tried to share your faith.

Yes that was an exuberant time; perhaps once in a while you reminiscence about those times, and sighing you wonder, What happen? what went wrong?

What happen is that the world and the devil teamed up to silence you.  Some rejections put a damp on your testimony, and other problems came along, which little by little cooled off your zeal.

Now that he has managed to silence you the devil is happy. Are content to remain in this state?  If your are willing to  roll over and play dead, then stop reading this, and go back to your selfish life.  Go ahead and enjoy the rest of your life, Don't worry about the lost.

You may  say "what's the use, just let things remain the way they are".  Well that's fine with me, but are you aware that many souls have nobody else to tell them the good news.  They will be lost for eternity, but God will surely require their blood at your hands.

Has anybody ever told you, that refusing to witness is a vile sin?  That's right.  The Bible says that when a person knows how to do good, but doesn't do it, he is sinning.

But what can you do? Your zeal for soul winning is dead, and it seems like burying it, and forgetting about it is the only thing to do.  But I have good news for you; We have a God who specializes in resurrections.

Yes! that's right, God can resurrect your zeal.  It doesn't matter if it died three months, three years or three decades ago.  Our God is able to bring it back fresher, and even stronger than in the past.

Please don't delay or put it off for tomorrow.  If your zeal is dead, then go to God, and confess before him your lack of caring, acknowledge your sin.  He will forgive you, and revive your zeal for winning the lost.

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