Fear not the reaper

Dear: Unbeliever

Fear not the reaper


There is something that you can not escape and it scares you.  You may not admit it, but deep down it terrifies you.  That is why you seldom speak about it, but one day you will have to face it.  That something is death.

Yes, death is a dreaded foe, but let me tell you there is a way to escape its grasp.  This way was made by the one which took the ultimate trip and returned; His name is Jesus Christ.

Think about it, all the religious leaders took that journey, but only Jesus returned from the region of darkness.  Who would you rather be guided by, Jesus? or any of the others?

Come and start following in the footsteps of Jesus, the lifegiver.  Don't leave this decision for tomorrow, for you never know if the grim reaper will knock at your door today.


Your sincere friend

Evangelist, George Cardenas

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