What is evangelism? It is telling people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord. It is going into the highways and byways and tell them to come into the house of the king.  It is setting at liberty the captives of sin and the devil.

Witnessing is one form of evangelism that all Christians can do. Not every Christian is called to be an Evangelist, but all can witness to their families, and friends. It was used by the Apostle Paul in Acts 22:1-21 and Acts 26:1-23.

Some feel that they can witness by their lives without speaking about Jesus, but out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. If Jesus is in your heart he will come out of your mouth.  Go ahead, and don't be afraid tell people how you found the Lord, and what God did for you.

Evangelists are those who take the message of salvation to different areas and people. Like Phillip the evangelist did. Evangelists must have a burning desire to spread the gospel and the wisdom to do it correctly. They travel seeking those groups that are unreached or neglected. They normally do not assume the role of church pastors, except on a temporary basis. An Evangelist may travel alone but it is preferred that he travel with a companion.

Evangelism is very serious work, not to be taken lightly. Some seek to be Evangelists, because they see some of them preaching in the pulpit, getting the spotlight. Or they are attracted to the travelling lifestyle, or perhaps for other selfish reasons, instead of a burden for the lost.

Evangelists fulfill their high calling by engaging in many activities. Such tasks as handling out bibles and Christian literature, Giving bible studies, Visiting the sick and the elderly, Visiting criminals in jail, Talking to sinners in the streets, including drunks and prostitutes in the streets, Contending against cults and heresies.

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