Evangelism is one of the most talked about, but least practiced of the Christian disciplines.

No, I am not exaggerating, the bitter truth is that the body of Christ, as a whole talks much about evangelism, but does little of it.  Recent statistics indicate that only 5 percent of Christians are actively engaged in evangelism.

Churches sponsor conference after conference on evangelism, and the Christian bookstores have hundredths of evangelistic titles.  It seems like we are trying to compensate for our lack of action with a deluge of words.

In a way we do need to talk more, but to the non-Christians instead of to each other.

Some may think that I am being foolish, that evangelism needs to be carefully discussed and planned. I heartily agree that an evangelistic strategy must be discussed and planned, but there comes a point where words must stop and action begun.

Let's stop playing games; endless rounds of meetings and discussions won't get the job done.  Actual evangelism is the only way to accomplish our mission.

Before going any further let me confess, that I am also guilty of this.  God has called me to spread his gospel, yet I have spent many hours in fruitless discussions on evangelism. But that time is gone forever, no use in wasting more time crying over it.

The current situation is reminiscent of the time when the church was having long and heated discussions on the color of the angels' eyes, while the Huns were battering the city's doors.

What will we say to the millions of lost souls in hell?  That we didn't go to them, because we were too busy attending evangelistic meetings? No I don't think so; I believe that we won't have anything to say then.

Really, why should we debate which evangelistic methods are best if we are not using any?

What is the use of discussing personal evangelism versus evangelistic crusades, if we are not involved in either?

Let us consider the following; three new babies are being born every second in this earth.  Knowing this, are we willing to continue wasting millions of seconds in endless talks?

Dear brethren this situation must stop.  It is time to spread the gospel, enough of discussing it.  If you like to talk then go ahead and do it, but with the unconverted.

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