Whenever there is work to be done many always resort to that old saying "Let George do it" well it would be good if that mythical George did it, but unfortunately he is never around.

The great task of evangelism is before us, but it will not get done in our generation if most Christians insist on passing the buck around.

Of course there are some responsible Christians who do their part, but they are a small fraction of all the believers.

Listen my dear brother, if you like to play this God dishonoring game, then it's time to put a stop to it. If you do not engage in witnessing, thinking that someone else will do it for you, you are grievously mistaken.

Lest I be accused of being a legalistic, let me state that I believe in salvation by grace alone.  So did Paul the apostle, yet he was the greatest propagator of the gospel.

Was Paul trying to earn salvation by works?  Of course not, he was just doing what was his moral obligation. Likewise you have an obligation to help spread the Gospel.  Yes, I did say obligation.

Most Christians have usually neglected to fulfill this obligation by foisting it upon Evangelists and Missionaries, but there is no scriptural basis for this.  In the early church there was none of this passing the buck around that is so prevalent in our days.

Dear brother forget about George, he doesn't exist, it is you who God has entrusted with the privilege of spreading the good news.  And if you fail to fulfill this obligation the work just won't get done.

"But others have more time than I do" You say.  Really? The last time I checked the day had twenty four hours for everyone.

"But others are better prepared" Well what are you waiting for, start learning, that's the only way to do it.

"But others can speak better than I can" Who told you that? There is one preacher who stutters in the pulpit, and that hasn't stopped him.  You see, one doesn't need a silver tongue to speak about Jesus.

Please stop it.  You are either going to obey the Lord and become a witness for him or you are going to be disobedient and will be forever thinking or inventing ways to pass your work to someone else.

Dear brethren let us all do our part in spreading the Gospel.  Please, don't leave it to George.

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