Satan usually gets the blame for every evil thing that happens in the world, but he would be unable to cause so much destruction just by himself, since unlike God he is not omnipresent.
The only way he can do it is by using fallen angels which do his bidding. These fallen angels or devils use many means and methods to destroy human beings.
A father brought to Jesus his son who was inhabited by a demon. This demon had sought to destroy him by casting him in the fire and the water, but Jesus rebuked the devil and he left the youngster (Matthew 17:15)
Another time a legion of devils (one thousand) inhabited a man and made him become an uncontrollable and wild person, but they also submitted themselves to Jesus. (Luke 8:30)
Another way they use to destroy people is by giving false teachings to people that willingly allow themselves to be influenced by them (I Timothy 4:1)
Let us beware, for these foes are the sworn enemies of God and since they can do nothing against him, instead they seek to destroy the people he has so lovingly redeemed.
Devils are real
(James 2:19)
Devils are spiritual
(Ephesians 6:12)
They can be defeated
(Luke 10:17)
Let us cast out devils
(Mark 16:17)

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