There are some theories running around, that affirm that man (both Men and Women) is basically good. That his evil actions spring from social, economical or racial conditions. But the Bible contradicts these beliefs; God's word tells us that man is utterly depraved. (Romans 3:10)
Yes is true, in spite of loud denials from social engineers and the political correct crowd, people are rotten at the core. Inside of every man and woman, in the dark corners of their soul, there lurks a Hitler waiting to emerge. (Isaiah 53:3)
This evil nature of man is kept in check by circumstances of life, and lack of opportunity. Others are hindered by family disapproval, and by society laws and regulations: which are designed to punish evil doers. (I Timothy 1:9)
Many religious cults and social groups do help people, to get rid of their bad habits, and worst vices, but these changes touch only the surface, for their heart remains the same. (Jeremiah 2:22)
Humanity doesn't need to be reformed, it needs to be made anew (Ephesians 4:24). The only way to do this is by having faith in Jesus Christ. By his death, he made it possible for us to obtain his righteousness, since ours is only like filthy rags. (Isaiah 64:6)
We are sinners
(Proverbs 20:9)
Jesus came for sinners
(Romans 5:8)
Let us accept him.
(I John 1:9)

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